Saturday, February 09, 2008

Saturday funnies

It's annoying when god believers say "I am right and there is nothing you can do or say to change my mind."
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and how many times do we hear this one? "I'll pray for you"
Pray for what, exactly . . . pray that I will go to a place called Heaven filled with bunch of self-righteous, annoying people all kissing up to a god whose violent nature can only be appeased by creating a son for himself to be tortured and killed? Sounds more like Hell to me! (People really need to open their minds and read some ancient mythologies . . . a light bulb might go on in their brains.)

The idea of a god who creates people with free will, but hides himself, and then sends them to a place called hell for using that free will is quite absurd .
When god believers who say they will "pray for you" are asked difficult questions, like "where is the evidence for this god?" they recite like robots from their ancient mythology book that is written by flawed humans....and when asked more difficult and shown the absurdity and contradictions of their Bible, they run away, shouting "I'll pray for you!" over their shoulder. What kind of prize do they think they are going to win by telling people this crap? If we do go to hell, they won't know it anyway because they will be too busy being slaves to their Skyboss to even know it . . . so what is it to them what we believe or don't believe? I have said this many times before, it is because the more people they can get to believe, the easier it will be for them to keep deluding themselves.


Stardust said...

BlueNight, did you think I was actually going to allow you to come here and blather your mythology at me and then preach your god stuff? I had been a Xian for more than three decades, belonging to several different denominations. If you read a post of mine further down, you will see that there are 300 branches of Christianity, and of those 300 branches are more than 38,000 denominations...and NONE of you agree with each other.

Then let's consider all the thousands of religions in the world, all of the gods people worship and all of these people believe their gods are real and the only true god/gods. You have made your god in your own mind, according to what you have been taught and exposed to, what you want your god to be according to your own hopes, needs and desires.

I only need remind you that religion was invented by humans to explain things they cannot explain or understand. They invented religion because they realize they are mortal and are going to die and have no way to prevent it. Religion and the idea of an afterlife brings comfort and psychological support for that realization. Some of us accept our mortality, are glad to have lived and do not need religion to hide from the reality of living and dying.

Telling me you are going to "pray for me" is only going to get you deleted. It is one phrase that really pisses me off.

Stardust said...

And BlueNight if you are still lurking...if prayer worked, there wouldn't be things like THIS in the world. (for one small example)

Jason H. Bowden said...

Want to laugh? Check this out -- no joke!

Stardust said...

holy crap, Jason. I had to look and see if that was a spoof...but it's not! Inbred Muslims! OMFSM!

All kidding aside, that's kinda frightening to think about, though.

CyberKitten said...

Great cartoons.