Saturday, February 02, 2008

Interesting stats on Christianity

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One of the arguments we often hear for belief in a god and Christianity is "Millions of people believe in Christianity" and "How could so many people be wrong?" Yet god believers do not apply that reasoning when considering other religions that have billions of followers. There are literally thousands of religions in this world.


Christianity makes up only 33% of the world's religions and there are approximately 300 branches of Christianity and approximately 38,000 Christian denominations. Then, each of those denominations can be divided into sub-denominations and so on, and so forth. Each denomination believing that they alone hold the "true" beliefs. Supposedly they all worship the same god, but this god isn't doing anything to help them all come to a common understanding of what it is they are supposed to believe.

Christians cannot even agree amongst themselves on their own god beliefs and Bible interpretation.

Here is a LIST OF CHRISTIAN DENOMINATIONS and you will also find under each denomination links to the sub-denominations of each branch.

So, hopefully any fundies who are still lurking here will actually read all that and try to understand what I am talking about when I say they need to work things out amongst themselves before going out and spreading their versions of the "good news".


BEAJ said...

Are JW's considered Christian?
Oh, and check this out, you may want to comment before he closes the comment section.

Stardust said...

JWs believe that Jesus was not God in a human body, but rather that he was created by God. So, while other Christian sects do not consider them to be Christians, they believe themselves to be. It's that Bible interpretation thing again.

I am baffled by the site link you provided. How can anyone be that freakin' stupid?

Andrea said...

That link just...hurts. The guy is in East Texas, real big surprise. I used to live there. It was like the ninth circle of hell.

Star, I actually looked at that list of denominations...god, what a mess. Blech.

Hugh said...

I like your chart. I created a chart from the same data and posted on my blog.

CyberKitten said...

I think that when it boils down to it there are probably as many 'denominations' as there are believers. Given enough time and enough interpretations of Scripture there will be *billions* of sects - all equally convinced that *they* are the true followers...!

Stardust said...

I always find it interesting how little those who call themselves Christians know so little about Christianity. They all claim to know the truth, but when asked specific questions about their religion and the Bible they thump, they can only spew out memorized answers that they have been programmed with from sitting in a church pew week after week listening to the same message. You would think that all those hours sitting in church that they would actually learn something new...they never do. They simply have the same basic message drilled into their brains..."I am so very bad, we are so very bad, we don't deserve forgiveness, but god forgives us even though we don't deserve it, Jesus dying a bloody gory death was the only way god's filthy creations could be saved...yadda yadda yadda.

Tommy said...

I just left a comment on Craig Harris post. I noted in his bio he mentions that he was once a journalist. So I wrote to him that if a journalist doesn't understand something, he should try to interview experts in the field before pronouncing judgment on it. Instead, he is ranting about how could x possibly be true instead of asking an expert, "please explain to me how x can be true."

Stardust said...

Oh my gawd, it's so pointless at Apparently So...(link provided in beaj's first comment above). Frustrating when god believers only evidence and reasoning is their Holy Babble. They won't for a second stop and consider other possibilities.

But hopefully I planted a few seeds of doubt.