Saturday, February 09, 2008

Important find for evolutionists

Brazil finds fossil of "missing link" to crocodile

RIO DE JANEIRO (Reuters) - Brazilian paleontologists said on Thursday they had found the fossil of a new species of prehistoric predator that represented a "missing link" to modern-day crocodiles. The well-preserved fossil of Montealtosuchus arrudacamposi, a medium-sized lizard-like predator measuring about 5 1/2 feet (1.7 meters) from head to tail, dates back about 80 million years to the Late Cretaceous period.

"This is scientifically important because the specimen literally is the link between more primitive crocodiles that lived in the era of the dinosaurs 80-85 million years ago and modern species," said paleontologist Ismar de Souza Carvalho of Rio de Janeiro Federal University.

Montealtosuchus arrudacamposi, an agile terrestrial predator of the Peirosauridae family, had different habits from today's crocodiles but it was similar in form and structure despite having longer limbs, scientists said.

The fossil was found near the town of Monte Alto in Sao Paulo state and is named after the place and the local scientist who dug up the fossil in 2004 -- Arruda Campos.

The new species is one of a number of important finds by paleontologists in Brazil and Argentina over the past few years.


Cole said...

That is one fascinating picture.

Stardust said...

Yes that is fascinating, and how creationists can believe that humans co-existed with beasts like this is mind-boggling!

How are you doing cole? Haven't seen you around in awhile.

Cole said...

I'm haniging in there star.. thanks
for askingning. I've had too much to drink tonight

Tommy said...

Another fossil placed in the ground by Satan to trick us! Ha ha!

Of course, we know what creationists will say: Now there are two missing links instead of one.

Andrea said...

Sweet. However, like Tommy said, there's absolutely no convincing certain thick skulls. I'm related to a prominent IDiot and one of the things he's always bitching about is "show me just one transitional fossil!"

Stardust said...

We had one of those transitional fossil debates with Craig at Apparently So...actually kevin h over there does most of the commenting, and whenever craig pops in he just has quick nothings to say even though it's his blog and he posts the crap that he does. Then can't dispute it. When you ask hard questions he tells you to go away. I am sure like beaj said, when god shows Craig where the close comments control is, he will just do that.

Stardust said...

cole, why did you have too much to drink? That's not good for you, you know.