Thursday, September 11, 2008

911 Remembered

Since being laid up again after yet another surgery, I have been watching the news a lot and getting my BP up about this Palin and lipstick on a pig bullcrap. Then today was watching the remembrances of 911 and the scenes are just as horrific now as they were the day it happened. I think of all the folks who went to work as usual and unknowingly to their horrible end.

I was watching Shrub give his dedication speech for the memorial at the Pentagon and he said he prayed that Gob would bless this nation and I would love to ask him a question…a one-word question…”why?” Why should a god bless us while allowing us to kill thousands of innocent people in a land that had nothing to do with our attackers on 911? And why didn’t his God if he was all powerful and willing to bless us now not stop the terrorist from killing all those people who were just going to work to make a living for themselves and their families?

Bush went on to say how we have not had an attack on our country in the past 7 years, as if that is some big personal achievement for him and his party. He, of course conveniently left out the fact that we had not had an attack on our nation in the 7 years previous to him stealing the election from Al Gore. He fails to acknowledge that we had not had an attack on our own soil since Pearl Harbor. He wants to paint himself as some sort of hero when the fact is that he was a total stupified idiot, sitting there reading a children’s book while blinking his eyes and the look on his face what “wtf are they saying to me?” Then he retaliated against the wrong country because his imaginary friend told him to, Bin Laden is still at large and the terrorists are still out there doing who knows what and no god is going to bless us, no god is going to protect us . . . we need a leader and military leaders to do that and McCain/ Palin would be a catastrophic commander in chief team Half of this country have not learned anything since 911. The go with who looks prettiest, who can make them “feel good” about themselves instead of who can really lead.

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