Monday, September 01, 2008

Rebuttal to Pastor Mondo

The following is my husband’s rebuttal to Pastor Mondo Gonzales who I wrote about here: "I won't tell you who to vote for, but. . . "

Of course, the pastors who write this weekly column in our local public paper get all the space they want to write their bullshit each week, but those who write rebuttals only get 400 words, therefore my husband had to cut his original letter in half to even be considered. Regardless, I think it is a great response to Mondo. I don’t know if the New Lenox Patriot will publish the rebuttal, but Pastor Mondo will be getting a copy via e-mail. My bet is that he will boo-hoo religious persecution.

Rebuttal to 8-29-2008 pastor column.

One fact about abortion, not one politician in the USA supports abortion. However, to be against abortion you need to be for health care from conception to grave, affordable housing, political policies that will provide good jobs, free child care, excellent education system, free college, and free public transportation system. Support for the child does not stop at conception. You would also work to stop the death penalty— why kill a person you fought so hard to get born. Peace not War.

Since 40% of all pregnancies end in spontaneous abortion, god must be pretty busy. Since being against abortion and being against raising taxes is at cross purposes for conservatives, how can conception to grave care be provided?

I have not heard of any politician support the “homosexual lifestyle”. What many do support is treating people as people no matter what. Jesus went out and found fishermen to be his disciples and he never married. Jesus’ lifestyle was more gay than homophobe. The stories in the bible point out Jesus reaching out to those who were outcast by the Pharisees. Pharisees are now called Pastors.

Our constitution is supposed to separate church and state. It is a fact that people who get married, get married by the power of the state given to the marriage service provider. Mr. Gonzales, preaching your homophobic prejudices is a form of sexual bigotry.

The article states you are against those who do not keep the clear teaching of the scripture. That means you are against remarried divorcees, working on Sunday, and you agree with putting women away during their period and you support public stonings for transgressions that are listed in the scripture. This list could go on for pages.Those are all clear teachings of the scripture. Do you pick and choose what you want to believe or follow in the scripture?

You believe in a mythological god that has no basis in fact or reason. Your bible can be compared to a comic book. Why a news organization (that is supposed to check its facts) allows a non-factual column to be published weekly is nonsensical, especially one that is filled with bigotry.

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socialscientist said...

Nicely written. One of the biggest hypocrisies of the anti-choice crowd is that they have left the in vitro fertilization industry alone. While they have tacitly approved of the murder of abortion doctors, they have said nothing of the profits being made from IVF, when thousands of fertilized eggs are lost in this process.