Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's a good thing prayer doesn't work

This is just what we DON’T need . . . more priests!

U.S. Catholics pray for more priests

WELLESLEY, Massachusetts (Reuters) - The sign outside St. James Church in the affluent Boston suburb of Wellesley sums up Catholicism’s deepening struggles in the United States.

“Still searching for a priest,” it reads. Another sign affixed to its thick doors pleads: “Save St. James.”

Facing dwindling congregations, shifting demographics and a drain on cash from settling sexual abuse lawsuits, Roman Catholic churches are shuttering at a quickening pace in a traditional stronghold, the U.S. Northeast.

Thank human goodness!


While Catholics remain the nation’s second-biggest religious group with about 22 percent of the population, a figure roughly unchanged since 1965 thanks to an influx of Hispanics, many dioceses are struggling to find priests.

Of the nation’s 18,479 parishes in 2008, 3,141 were without resident pastors, while the 480 priests ordained in 2008 is less than half the number of new priests in 1965.

The pedophiles can no longer find a safe haven in the priesthood. And who wants to be a priest with the reputation the Church now has? What will they do?


CyberKitten said...

Pretty much the same is happening in most of Europe. No one wants to be Priests or Nuns anymore....

Darwin's Dagger said...

The Church would probably have an excess of priests if they ordained women or allowed married people to serve. But, alas, they are still stuck in the middle ages and would rather self-destruct than make any progress.

Stardust said...

cyberkitten, good thing, huh? :-D

darwin's dagger - Praise Jeebus. Hurrah! Too bad it will probably be replaced with some other man-made superstitious mythology though. That's what always happens.

Tommy said...

Further to the comments by Darwin's Dagger, it would not surprise me if several decades hence, some reformist pope will find some way to allow married and female priests. He will have no choice really, if the shortage of priests continues.

From what I have read, Catholicism is doing rather well in Africa and the church will probably rely more and more on recruiting African priests to fill empty slots in American churches. A lot of white catholic Americans are going to have to adjust to getting communion from a black man and calling him father.

Stardust said...

A lot of white catholic Americans are going to have to adjust to getting communion from a black man and calling him father.

Now that is an interesting thought!

Baconeater said...

Wanted: Catholic who isn't fearful of public speaking, isn't married, doesn't want or need sex, and doesn't get a woody around 10 year old boys.

It has to be tough to find employees.