Friday, September 12, 2008

Palin Asked On Bush Doctrine - Stumbles On Answer

Palin hasn't had any answers to the important questions yet, only hems and haws while in her brain she is thinking "darn, darn, double darn! Why didn't I study more before coming out here!" Did she think that running for the VP position was going to be a cakewalk? The next several weeks are going to be pathetically comical with Obama's "ummms and stutterings" and Palin's cutsie sorority girl giggly evasivions. She brings back memories of me standing around talking to all of the soccer moms and band moms when our kids were in school jabbering away how wonderful our kids are, talking about community and family baloney, shooting the breeze (as the men would call it). But doesn't it worry anyone that she cannot have a serious discussion, cannot answer difficult questions and doesn't have any thoughts of her own?


Jason H. Bowden said...

John McCain and Sarah Palin are doing an excellent job. I think they're going to win too.

How did Obama blow his lead? He should have sticked to his script -- the richers are the cause of all of our problems, and magical government programs will make our lives super-duper good. People have fallen for this in every country on Earth; Americans are no different.

The Democrats and the liberal media gave up the class war for the culture war. They couldn't resist! The Republicans beat them *every* *time* when they try this!

Obama preached all summer long that he represented everyone, regardless of background. Then Sarah Palin came around, and now the progressives are going haywire against Christians, gun owners, citizens who live in small towns, mothers with children-- the very proles the Dems claim they represent.

Progressives are practically giving us Republicans states like Ohio and Virginia on a silver platter. They've already taken Montana, North Dakota, and North Carolina off the table with their bad behavior. If they keep it up, we'll win Colorado, and perhaps even Michigan.


Stardust said...

Jason, you can't be serious. Their whole campaign is more like Entertainment Tonight than a political election. Why doesn't Palin know what NATO is? Why can't she state one instance where she gave orders to the Alaska National Guard (because she never has?). Have you read the unemployment records of Alaska? Have you read the unemployment rates (if you are against government handouts, then why are you supporting Palin?)

Republicans keep diverting attention from the fact that Palin is ignorant on so many, many things. Did you happen to see the interview with Charlie Gibson? I was embarrassed for her. It was painful to watch. She didn't know what the Bush Doctrine is. She doesn't even have a clue about international affairs and it's good she has never spoken with any head of state because she would be a total embarrassment to this nation.

Diverting attention by bringing up Obama does not answer the question about Palin's lack of experience and lack of a direct answer to any important question thrown at her. But she can chat about her kiddies, moose hunting and how she loves Jesus all day long.

Stardust said...

Alaska has higher rates of mothers on welfare

OMAHA, Neb. -- Alaska is one of eight states with statistically higher rates of births from women on public assistance.

New census data released Monday says Alaska joins Nebraska, Utah, Texas, New Mexico, Iowa, Wisconsin and Tennessee in having higher than average rates of mothers age 15 to 50 on public assistance.

The figures are based on data from 2006, a decade after the passage of welfare reform in 1996.

Census officials say the measure gave states greater flexibility to put in place initiatives to reduce welfare dependency for members of low-income families with children.

The national average rate of births from women on public assistance is nearly 155 births per 1,000.

Stardust said...

And, from University of Alaska Anchorage,

Modest gains made by Alaska’s women in earnings and health do not compensate for lacks in health insurance coverage, high suicide rates among women, and the wage gap between men and women, particularly women of color,” according to Dr. Shelley Theno, Assistant Professor of Psychology at the University of Alaska Anchorage’s Kenai Peninsula College.
“Nor do national data on health take into account the high rates of sexual violence experienced by Alaska women, particularly Alaska Native women,” Theno adds.
Alaska is in the bottom third of states for health insurance coverage: 18 percent of women in the state are unprotected. Even for women with insurance, the state government fails to require insurance companies to cover contraception or infertility treatments, important resources in women’s reproductive health.

It seems a bit stupid for McCain and the GOP to choose a woman like Palin with such dark age beliefs to try to win the vote of the American women. Even five of Palin's six best female friends are pro-choice and do not say that they are going to vote for her...only one friend says that she is definitely voting for her friend.

Jason H. Bowden said...

"if you are against government handouts, then why are you supporting Palin?"

Science, technology, and capitalism. For example, Alaska would be in better economic condition if human beings were allowed to exploit the Earth. Obama, in contrast, would rather have people be helpless dependents, so he can build crumbling USSR-style housing projects everywhere. He wants to "make government cool again."

BTW, have you been to Obama's neighborhood lately? It is a gun free zone that ironically is one of the most violent places in the industrialized world. It seems you have one standard for the Messiah, and another for McCain's VICE president. That's like saying you're for Dukakis, because you hate Quayle, or that you're for Stevenson in 1952 because he's more experienced than Nixon. Bush and Eisenhower won both of those elections easily.

Poodles said...

Utah is so proud... Thank you republican party!


I don't know, I'm beginning to hope McCain/Palin do win, apparently we haven't learned any lessons, especially the poor and middleclass who the republicons hurt the most, but continue to vote for them.


Stardust said...

poodles, I think that even if McCain/Palin did win, and if we were in the middle of global destruction and a threat of total loss of humankind, those who follow with blind party loyalty would still vote for IDiots always praising Jeebus.

Stardust said...

Science, technology, and capitalism.

Well, we have had and will continue to have these things even with "evil liberals" in charge.

Alaska would be in better economic condition if human beings were allowed to exploit the Earth.

What about when there is nothing left? Oh, it doesn't matter, you won't be around when that happens. Who cares about future generations.

Why do you keep bringing up Obama when addressing problems with specific candidates? Pointing out the flaws with another candidate does not erase the flaws of the candidates of the party you support. McSENILE chose a dangerous idiot know-nothing for his running mate. Before I wasn't too worried about him winning, but now he has lost his mind. McCain gave in to finding a candidate who will be worshipped just like Obama. Palinmessiah...supermom to the rescue! Yeah...right.

Stardust said...

And do you even hear me jason when I say I am not happy with ANY of the candidates? None, nada. But Obama is less dangerous with Biden at his side than a senile old man talking about his POW experiences just like my father talks about his days on board an army ship back in the late 40s. And then Palin knows absolutely nothing about foreign policy...oh...except that she can see the USSR from where she lives. She has never traveled outside the US before taking a little trip to greet soldiers in Kuwait and Germany. That's it. No meeting of heads of foreign states, no knowledge of international affairs. Aren't you at all worried about these things? You were for quite awhile. Now an old man and a super-know-nothing soccer mom are your saviors?

Jason H. Bowden said...

"Why do you keep bringing up Obama when addressing problems with specific candidates?"

Obama is the nominee of the Democrat Party, just like McCain is the nominee of the Republican Party. The fact the Dems are comparing Obama to McCain's *Vice* President ***using different standards*** doesn't portend well for the progressives.

"Well, we have had and will continue to have these things even with "evil liberals" in charge."

Not true. Science and technology are not natural processes -- they by definition are applied reason, something Democrats want to stop via regulation, litigation, legislation, and outright Earth-worship. The Dems think capitalism is unfair because it leaves people free to make different choices. Their solution: Don't rock the boat, or even bother to build one. Technology is sinful; hippies are saints.

I personally don't want to turn America into the Soviet Union; government is NOT cool.

Jason H. Bowden said...


Here is why McCain is more qualified than Obama on foreign policy.

When Russia invaded Georgia, McCain condemned Russia in unequivocal terms. McCain has been critical of even Bush's attempts to be friendly with Putin, arguing that foreign affairs is about interests, not happy words and personalities.

Obama's first instinct was to declare some sort of moral equivalence between Russia and Georgia, as if both countries were at fault. You see-- liberals are "neutral," they don't "take sides," liberals are "independent" and above it all. That's why they always end up opposing the good guys -- they don't even believe in good guys and bad guys.

If you want to talk about dangerous -- Obama was given a question during the Democrat debates last year about what he would do if al-Qaida incinerated two of our cities. Obama's answer: uh, um, we need good disaster response, uh, um, talk with allies, uh, um, Katrina Katrina Katrina. Keep in mind, this is a man that calls 9-11 a "national tragedy," as if terrorist attacks are facts of nature instead of acts of man. Hillary had the right answer-- if two American cities are nuked, we'd find out who did it and retaliate as prudently and expediently as possible.

By the way, Biden was dead wrong about the surge in Iraq, which has been an overwhelming success. McCain was correct about it when few wanted to support it-- that's because McCain has been through war, and has the experience to make the right judgment.

Vote McCain! :)

Stardust said...

The fact the Dems are comparing Obama to McCain's *Vice* President ***using different standards*** doesn't portend well for the progressives.

I am not using different standards of judging the candidates. Obama's lack of experience does not cancel out McCain and Palin's inexperience and the failures of the Republican party, especially the Bush regime over the past eight years. Sarah Palin is a big negative for McCain. I know people who were ready to vote for him until he took the crazy Pentecostal know-nothing on board. And he has been a die-hard Republican his whole life...(initials EP--drives a truck). No matter what party your loyalties lie with, common sense should tell you that having Palin in the seat of Commander in Chief is an extremely uncomfortable thought. She has not done much more than President of a PTA does. And she has done several things wrong because she didn't know enough about what she was doing. Or maybe she did and is playing dumb. It seems the Republican party are partial to electing stupid people.

Stardust said...

"Well, we have had and will continue to have these things even with "evil liberals" in charge." has indeed been true, but get snake handling Palin in there who talks in magical tongues and falls rolling on the floor in church and who doesn't see a problem with creationism taught in science classes and things might change for the worse.

Stardust said...


On the other hand it appears that the conservatives could give to craps about the planet we live on. Just use it up because we will have enough while we are here and if the human race dies out...well, it's going to anyway.

Liberals and Conservatives alike have their own personal political pet waste-of-money programs. Just check out the red states and find out who receives the most welfare. The red states have the higher welfare recipients and more government programs than the blue states. I have been doing a lot of research on that lately since I have a lot of time on my hands. Since you are good at collecting information, you should be able to find the facts for yourself.

Whichever moderate from either party who is elected, little will change....however, if McCain dies in office, then we ALL have a problem of a crazy fundamentalist bitch in charge who is a DOMINIONIST. Islamist dominionists scare you, but Xian dominionists do not? They are praying for the final battle. And Palin and her church friends all believe that Alaska is a haven of safety for the "true believers" a refuge during the magical war. That is why some of my relatives moved there. They believe the same damn idiotic things.

Stardust said...

I personally don't want to turn America into the Soviet Union; government is NOT cool.

Then why do you want to possibly risk turning it into just that...except Soviet Union + dominionist leaders who believe Jeebus is leading them to combine their faith in government to take over the US and the entire world for their god? That definitely is NOT cool...especially for those of different beliefs, religions, and non-believers, immigrants, etc. Check out what is going on with associates of Palin's denomination in Kenya...they are burning "witches" there.

Stardust said...

Here is why McCain is more qualified than Obama on foreign policy.

I see you left Palin out of that whole comment. She is not even qualified to be included.

outofcontrol said...

McCain is more dangerous than Bush. This has been reported by many journalists. McCain foreign policy will be to shoot first and ask questions later. He will not even need any intelligence to go to war.
Palin basically said that if we need to go to war with Russia, so be it. Is she NUTS?
Going to war with Russia makes sense when her church preaches the end of time, that the time is near, and that she is supposed to do whatever she can to make it happen.
Would she make judgements based off of her religion? I think yes and that makes her dangerous.

outofcontrol said...

McCain knows foreign policy and still supported going into Iraq. From all the info that has been presented if McCain READ the briefings he would have opposed the war because their was:
No connection with Iraq to 9/11.
They had no weapons of mass destruction.
The inspectors were on the ground and found nothing even though Colin Powell said that the US knew exactly where the weapons were located.

That leads me to believe that if we knew where the weapons were, why did we not tell the inspectors?

Same thought. McCain knows how to get Bin Laden. Being a senior Senator why has he not passed this secret info to those who can catch him?

I come to the same conclusion, We had no idea where any weapons were and McCain has no clue how to get Bin Laden.

Stardust said...

Outofcontrol, great points you have brought up, but don't you know that the journalists work for the "evil liberal media"? LOL! ;) (Even though the same media is making Palin look like a rock star.)

Tommy said...

Science, technology, and capitalism.

You mean like the Apollo space program that landed Americans on the moon? Yeah, the moon landings took place on Nixon's watch, but the work and investment to make it happen took place under Democrats Kennedy and Johnson.

As for Russia and Georgia, if you look at it from the Russian perspective, you see the United States trying to spread its influence into places like Georgia and other former Soviet republics surrounding Russia.

Of course, if the Georgians happened to be Muslims, you know that Jason would have been cheering the Russians on.

outofcontrol said...

What moral or logical ground does the US have to tell Russia not to invade Georgia? They did it because they were provoked.
We went into Iraq because W wanted to finish the job that daddy did not do.
No legal grounds to go into Iraq, we were not threatened or provoked. We just wanted to go.
We Pandora's box is opened then anyone can play with the toys.

Stardust said...

More about Palin's "experience" as Mayor

a visit to this former mining supply post 40 miles north of Anchorage shows the extent to which Palin's mayoralty was also defined by what it did not include. The universe of the mayor of Wasilla is sharply circumscribed even by the standards of small towns, which limited Palin's exposure to issues such as health care, social services, the environment and education.

Firefighting and schools, two of the main elements of local governance, are handled by the Matanuska-Susitna Borough, the regional government for a huge swath of central Alaska. The state has jurisdiction over social services and environmental regulations such as stormwater management for building projects.

Low property tax rate
With so many government services in the state subsidized by oil revenue, and with no need to provide for local schools, Wasilla has also made do with a very low property tax rate -- cut altogether by Palin's successor -- sparing it from the tax battles that localities elsewhere must deal with. Instead, the city collects a 2 percent sales tax, the bulk of which is paid by people who live outside town and shop at its big-box stores.

The mayor oversees a police department created three years before Palin took office; the public works department; the parks and recreation department; a planning office; a library; and a small history museum. Council meetings are in the low-ceilinged basement of the town hall, a former school, and often the only residents who show up to testify are two gadflies. When Palin was mayor, the population was just 5,500.

Palin limited her duties further by hiring a deputy administrator to handle much of the town's day-to-day management. Her top achievement as mayor was the construction of an ice rink, a project that landed in the courts and cost the city more than expected.

Duane Dvorak, the city planner when Palin took office, said the mayor's ambition had been plain to see, but added: "My sense is that this opportunity maybe came along before she was ready for it or thought it would come along."