Monday, September 01, 2008

"I won't tell you who to vote for, but . . . "

More evangelical political propaganda in our local paper, and once again from Pastor Mondo Gonzales of Crossroads Community Church who I wrote about before concerning this article, “Does archaeology prove the Bible?” And once again he is twisting and turning and interpreting his mythology book to influence the delusional to vote according to how they are brainwashed in their churches.

Who would Jesus vote for?

Gonzales writes, “I have shared all of this to lay a foundation for discussing the upcoming election and whom we as Christians should vote for.”

Then he goes on to say, ” I am not going to tell you who to vote for,”

then contradicts himself with

” but I believe we should vote for the person that Jesus would vote for.”

Then he continues to arrogantly tell how Jesus would vote:

How do we know whom Jesus would cast His vote for? We can be absolutely certain Jesus would only cast His vote for someone who loves God, not in word or tongue, but in action and in truth.”


“I can assure you Jesus would not vote for someone who would ever support a pro-abortion policy, or a candidate who promoted the homosexual lifestyle. He wouldn’t vote for a person who did not affirm that marriage is between one man and one woman, just to name a few topics. How can we know this? The main reason is because the Bible condemns these things as sinful acts before God and Jesus wouldn’t cast his vote for anyone in power who would use their influence to encourage things that violated God’s Word.”

Another arrogant Christian who presumes to know exactly what this ancient dead person would think and do according to assumptions based on the Old Testament writings which states that children who smart off to their parents should be stoned to death, adulterers should be stoned and where it states that if you leave your wife and take another you have committed adultery. They conveniently ignore those things.

They also ignore the fact that nowhere does Jesus write against abortion. Nowhere does he talk against gay marriage and say that it is wrong. He hung out with a prostitute. He never married, had no children, and was followed around by a bunch of fishermen. Jesus, if he had existed, was a liberal…a far-left-leaning liberal who talked about feeding the hungry, helping the poor and a man who did not have a country club church for social gatherings. We never hear from these loonie evangelicals that we should vote for someone who will help feed the hungry, help the poor and those in need of medical care. Because if they said that, then they will be advocating voting for the evil liberal baby-killers. (A good point my husband had was that there are no “pro-abortionists”…pro-choice, but no one goes around saying that all women must kill their babies. It is not a decision that is made lightly, in most cases.)

My husband and I are sick of these fundies in our local paper and their ignoring the fact that this country is a diverse one, that our state is a diverse one and that our community is a diverse one with many varieties of Christians, Muslims, Buddhists, Hindu, Non-believers and more. Our local newspaper prints this local crap on a weekly basis. Let’s see if they will print our response. I seriously doubt they will and will keep you posted.


Anonymous said...

Great post and article, Stardust!
Sad to say that that dude's sheep will most likely vote according to "Jeebus's" ideas.

Stardust said...

Greg, and too bad most god botherers look to their pastor as Jeebus incognito, especially evangelicals.