Thursday, December 18, 2008

The Bailout Explained

Thanks to my friend Jimmer for this one!

Finally, a very simple and brief look into the issue of the day. This is how the Detroit 3 will get their $25 B. It just took Ma and Pa Kettle to explain it!


Jason H. Bowden said...

In most countries, government giving free money away to corporations is called corruption. In America, it is a noble sacrifice on behalf of the union mafiosi, ahem, the common good!

Stardust said...

But I don't remember in all of my years corporations getting money from governments to stay afloat. If business was crap, then the business died, as it deserves it if isn't doing well. Those unfortunate people were were laid off because of it had to look for other jobs...and we all survived (like those of us who lost jobs and benefits when the big steel industries went under.) Government cannot rescue every business that does poorly, and it's especially ludicrous to bail out corporations whose CEOs are still receiving large bonuses while having their hand out to the Federal Government.

Stardust said...

Oh off topic...Jason...I see you survived the ice storm? Isn't it awful here in Chicagoland? In our neck of the woods we are coated in a couple of inches of ice. Everything looks as if it is made of glass.