Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Pagan Origins of our beautiful holiday celebrations

When will Xians ever stop and try to understand that the way they celebrate the birth of their man-god is mostly PAGAN aspects anyway. Xians are the biggest promoters of the belief in Santa Claus and the biggest participants in the pagan aspects of the holiday season despite even the warning in their Bibles about it in the book of Jeremiah. They have ignored that passage of their very own scripture to attach their baby Jesus to it and want to call it all their own.

Ninety minutes of school holiday music – and nary a note about Jesus

Well, Barbara Curtis…the holiday season is not about Jesus for everyone.

Curtis writes:

Bluemont, Va. – The holidays are here, which means public school teachers across America are presenting “winter programs” with music selected to challenge students and delight parents, but too often sacrificing artistic merit to avoid singing of the Bethlehem Babe.

One program I attended featured songs about Santa, chimneys, and reindeer, plus five Hanukkah tunes and one Kwanzaa melody – even though the school had only one (nonpracticing) Jewish family, and not a single African-American. Ninety musical minutes with nary a note about Jesus.

I know Christianity will survive whether censored out of public schools or not, but that’s not the point. Why bend over backward to acknowledge religious minorities while singling out Christianity for exclusion?

Curtis misses the point that Xian aspects of Christmas ARE included in the program she describes. As I said before, it is the Xians who are the biggest promoter of Santa Claus and the biggest embracers of the pagan aspects of the Winter Solstice season. Curtis also leaves out the point that there are Hanukkah songs that are about culture with the exclusion of mention of God, and Kwanzaa is about CULTURE and especially since there is “not a single African-American” in their school, it is good for these children to be exposed to other cultures. Barbara Curtis fails to realize it’s about promoting culture and inclusion of EVERYONE into the holiday season. Xians need to get it through their thick brainwashed skulls that this holiday does not belong to only them. And they have their churches for their religious programs of whatever variety they choose. And as I had found in my own community, even when Jesus songs are included and other songs are also included for Hanukkah and Kwanzaa…they still belly-ache about the “intrusion” of these other beliefs that they feel do not belong together with holiday school programs and celebrations.

I don’t blame teachers or principals; they feel paralyzed by the threat of parental complaints or lawsuits, and by the purging of Christmas from the public square and workplace. Like deer caught in headlights,

Deer caught in the headlights by the U.S. CONSTITUTION? How predictably Xian. And that persecution complex beams out of Barbara Curtis and other whining Xians at this time of year who cannot have everything their way.

Curtis goes on to whine:

But those aren’t Christmas carols,” I said. “What about the birth of Jesus?”

Someone needs to stop being so polite and just tell it like it is to people like Barbara…NOT EVERYONE BELIEVES IN JESUS. The winter solstice is not a religion, but a time of year that affects all people on planet earth and was celebrated long before even the idea of the Jesus myth came about.


Andrea said...

I had just commented about this on another friend's blog this morning...

The group of Christians that I split from years ago are the kind that are so insufferable and sanctimonious that they refuse to celebrate Christmas specifically because of its pagan origins, and they look down their noses at their fellow believers who *do* want to celebrate this heathen holiday.

So part of the "War On Christmas" is being fought by Christian fundies.

Stardust said...

Hi Andrea, yep...part of this so-called "war on Christmas" is being fought amongst various sects of Christian believers, themselves.

If everyone whether believer or not would just accept that this is a holiday season for everyone filled with lots of wonderful and beautiful things, then we would be able to fully enjoy this time of year. Fundies need to chill. They need to have some fun in life before it's too late.

Andrea said...

Just thinking about this is bringing up memories of arguments about ridiculous doctrines...What a waste of time and energy.

Can you imagine looking at a twinkling Christmas tree and seeing it as a symbol for something demonic? That's how insane they are.

tina FCD said...

I'm already tired of reading the opinions in my newspaper about how, quote, "CHRISTmas is a CHRISTian Holiday."
I get so tired of reading scripture there.
I'm beginning to think the editors love posting those chosen opinions to stir up it's readers.

Stardust said...

tina, I know what you mean about the news media. It's sickening how they interview and print the same old crap each year. Some may do it to stir things up, but since many editors, reporters are believers that the mythology is real, they use their positions to antagonize (or to promote the Xian persecution complex.)

There is no reason for it. The believers outnumber us greatly. But this only shows me how weak their faith is AND how many really must realize that what they are trying to believe in is only a superstitious myth. Religion is basically tradition of a culture.

Stardust said...

Susan, I removed your comment that said you read my blog often but don't have anything to say except you left a link for an ad for car insurance. I am not advertising here, if you are genuinely a reader, please leave a genuine comment. Thanks.

Andrea said...

If the man existed at all, he wasn't born in the dead of winter. Jesus never commanded anyone to celebrate his birthday, and the New Testament doesn't say what date it would be anyway.

Many Christian denominations, like the Jehovah's Witnesses, think celebrating any date is unbiblical. And other churches, like some Orthodox ones, mark the birthday in early January. More Christians fighting the War On Christmas.

How hard is it to pick up a history book and read the damn thing? Christmas originated with pagan beliefs and that's all there is to it.

Stardust said...

Andrea...fundies picking up a history book? Bwaaaaahahahaha! They don't want to read about history, they want to rewrite it how they want it to be.

Andrea said...

My husband does a lot of residential on-site work, and he reports back to me that hardly anyone seems to have any books in their home...lots of large-screen tv's though.

Stardust said...

Andrea, it's sad isn't it? The really sad part is when you offer to lend them a book or two to read, they refuse to. My husband had this type of discussion with a pastor a long time ago. The pastor wanted him to read some books he had on creationism. My husband said he would read them, but he wanted the pastor to read his books on evolution and biology and the pastor refused. My husband tried to tell him that it will not do any harm to read them, but the pastor disagreed claiming the books were "of the devil". (eye roll)