Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thanks for the publicity, Bill!

First, Bill O’Reilly does a report against the atheist sign that is on display at the Capitol Building in Olympia, Washington. He has his panties all in a knot over this one and is bringing far more attention to this than if he had just left it alone. Thanks Bill!

Sometimes Christians are do more to help get the facts out that there are no gods than we could ever hope to do ourselves!

Then, O’Reilly debates Megyn Kelly over this atheist sign. He is using the example of what if there was a display of Dr. Martin Luther King and someone put a sign up that says “We hate blacks” next to it. I wish he had debated an atheist because he would have been told that Jesus is a MYTH. He is comparing denouncing an IDEA to denouncing Dr. Martin Luther King -- a real person. He was not said to be born of a virgin only to die on a cross and then come back to life and fly up into heaven where he lives forever and waits for believers to come kiss his feet for all eternity in another dimension. Dr. Martin Luther King is a very respected historical figure who should not even have been brought up as an example, and that is what Miss Megyn should have told him loud and clear. Of course, Bill would not invite someone on his show who would make him look like the asshat he is. Megyn, though she is a lawyer is stymied by her beliefs that Jesus is real. At least she does support freedom of speech and understands that all of his should be kept off the steps of public buildings.

Listen up, Bill, The real point is that religious displays should not be allowed on public and government property. Period.


Anonymous said...

Bill O'Reeky is an asshole, thats all there is to it. To tell his moronic viewers to call and complain to the governor who is rightly, in my opinion, allowing us agnostics and atheists to have our say about this silly holiday, shows how much of a dimwit he is.
And Megyn Kelly seems to stand up against Bill very well.

Baconeater said...

I don't get it. It is pretty simple to me. No religion can be favored in public squares or the government.
Isn't that the deal?
How come Bill doesn't get it?