Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Christian persecution complex

In my opinion the Christian persecution complex is just an emotional game that Christians (and those of other religions) play when they are backed into a corner and cannot answer questions asked of them (or when they cannot get their way to mix religion and government). When their god does not come to their aid, when their minds go blank, they turn on the boo-hooing tactics to distract from the real fact that they just don’t have any answers to back up what they are professing to believe in. The persecution tactic is turned on when religious folks cannot get their way concerning issues of separation of church and state. They turn on the tears when they are not allowed to impose their personal religious beliefs on others.

Here is a good essay written by Rob Boston

Persecution Complex: Why Religious Right Claims Of Hostility Toward Christians Ring Hollow

Yesterday I received an e-mail from the Rev. Donald Wildmon’s American Family Association advertising a new DVD titled “Speechless: Silencing the Christians.”

“Facing rising persecution and discrimination, many Christians feel hopeless, uncertain what to do,” reads the promotional copy. The e-mail promises that I will learn “how you can be prepared if you feel the pressure to be silenced for your faith.”

This is the sort of bullcrap propaganda that religious leaders brainwash their followers with. When backed into a corner, and have no answers, start belly-aching and boo-hooing persecution. The religious are free, and should be free to believe and practice their religion without oppression. But allowing them to do so without the oppression of others or imposing of their variety of religion, or any religion on others. Upholding the first Amendment, and maintaining Separation of Church and State are not persecuting ChristiansChristians who live in other countries and who are tortured, imprisoned and killed for their beliefs have a right to cry persecution, but not here. .

Are Christians being persecuted in America?

In a word: no.

What’s happening is that fundamentalists of Wildmon’s ilk constantly try to use the power of the government to promote their narrow faith or foist it onto others. When they are told to stop, they start screaming about persecution.



Tommy said...

Why are you afraid of the baby Jesus?


tina FCD said...

Yikes! THAT was funny, Tommy!

I just get so disgusted when religious people cry foul.
What about the non-believers? I just read that a life long atheist tried to apply for a license to officiate at weddings. He didn't fill in the part where it asked for his religious affiliation. He was denied. Crazy.

Side note: Been slow blogging for everyone lately. Bummer.

Stardust said...

tina, I know what you mean about the slow blogging. Even the bigger ones are sluggish.

As for me it's hard to get back into it again like I was since my spinal fusion surgery. I can't sit on a chair for more than half an hour without it starting to bother me. Hopefully that will get better with time.