Monday, January 19, 2009

The end is coming, send me your money!

I usually watch television after settling in bed for the night and flip through channels to see if anything interesting is on. Last night I ran across these money beggars, Jack Van Impe (known worldwide as The Walking Bible and his wife, Rexella (Rexella appears sedated when she speaks). In addition to their own television program that mostly is a sales pitch asking viewers to purchase one of Van Impe’s books, video tapes, or other media products, these con artists have their own Ministries World Outreach Center, located in Rochester Hills, Michigan.

Over the years, Van Impe has set many specific years and dates for the second coming of Jesus, but has continued to move his prediction later and later when his imaginary friend fails to show up, and now he is saying that 2012 is the date of the “end of history” based on the fact that the heathen Inca calendar stops at that year. In the following video, it will nearly make your brain explode with the way that Impe tosses around numbers, adding and subtracting and manipulating to make it seem proof of the bullshit that he espouses. I found it hilarious that in 2001, Impe Ministries won the humorous/mock Ig Nobel Prize for astrophysics for its assertion that “black holes fulfill all the technical requirements to be the location of Hell.”

Here’s the video link.
And if you are feeling masochistic, here is the link to the first of four of Impe’s end of times videos. Lame, lame lame!

And what do the suckers who fork over their money to this con man have to say?

Jack and Rexella are the ones to keep in the know with….. the church certainly is confused about this topic,maybe a few talk of it… but most don’t.. that is why I watch them. If prophecy is not part of your church, ( prophecy is all through the Bible, old and new testaments,) I suggest you make Jack Van Impe YOUR CHURCH, and support him as I do. I have ordered his video 2012 3 videos, to share with others. It’s all about Salvation… and getting ready to be raptured.

ohhhh if this is true i cant wait to see Jesus im soo exited

Praise GOD. I don’t know what is to come in 2012 but I am at peace with whatever happens. For the battle is already won. Even as our corrupt government attempts to controls this world. God is still in control.

First of all here to you Christ haters, with out Christians the world wouldn’t be so bad you would even sitting on your buts saying trash. Also to my fellow dear Christians, don’t mind what these hate mongers say, it’s all junk and funny to them because they don’t have what you need inside to understand about the wonderfull Kingdom of God that’s coming and anything related to it.

whoever is commenting negativity about jack van impe, knows that god is real because why would they be looking at his videos,

Why would we be looking at his videos? To MOCK them and to get others to realize what suckers they are and to put scammers out of business. Idiots.

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Idiots is right.