Thursday, January 08, 2009


While browsing through some emails today, I found this sent by Anne Singer of the Secular Coalition for America and thought some of you may be interested. (I have included the video of current political figures and their public statements concerning their religious beliefs):

Happy New Year to You!
As this historic election year comes to a close, the Secular Coalition for America is asking its supporters to pledge to fight the excessive role of religion in our politics.
The need for action is illustrated by a 3.5 minute video we’ve just released featuring candidates like Barack Obama, Mitt Romney and Kay Hagan testifying to their belief in God, often in response to questions from journalists.
Watch the video here:
The Coalition is asking people to sign on to its ‘Nine for 09: Resolutions for Secular Citizens,’ which offer secular-minded Americans – nontheistic and otherwise – everyday opportunities to make their voices heard in the public square and the political process: wearing buttons, calling talk radio, lobbying their Congressional reps and standing up for their values in local political organizations, etc.
See the Nine for ’09 Resolutions in full here:
Please feel free to post and pass along – especially the video.
In the meantime, I wish you a very happy 2009!

Anne Singer, Communications Director
Secular Coalition for America


tina FCD said...

Sickening. I wonder how many are really closet atheists?

Stardust said...

tina, probably lots. From reading between the lines of Jefferson and Washington's letters, it is pretty well obvious what they truly believed but living in the society they did, as we do now, they don't dare admit it. It would be political suicide because people won't stand for a president who doesn't share and support their delusion.

tina FCD said...

And that is sad, to say the least. :(