Saturday, January 17, 2009

Rob Boston discusses Rick Warren on Olbermann

I have referenced Americans United’s Rob Boston on many occasions in my posts, and here we get to see who he is and what he has to say about Rick Warren, Obama and the promised “change” in discussion with Keith Olbermann:

Boston points out that Warren has not only voiced his opposition to gays, but also non-believers saying that they are not fit to hold public office.

It is indeed a real shame that Warren’s voice is one of the first ones the nation will hear at the inauguration. Maybe Obama has planned it so fundies will tune in and listen to his own message, but my experience with fundies tells me they will tune in, listen to Warren, say “Amen” and shut off the television when it’s the “evil baby-killer librul’s” turn to talk.


Cole said...

Well, I'm not gay but I don't think we should have laws that say they shouldn't be together if they want to. I don't think it's that big of a deal to where we have to enforce laws against gays.

Don't get me wrong. The thought of me kissing or having sex with another man makes me sick. But I'm not gay.

Stardust said...

cole, I don't know what the big deal is either. It doesn't change my life, or lessen my heterosexual marriage any if homosexual couples become legally married.

Homosexual couples don't make me sick. What makes me sick is to see heterosexual couples in abusive and sick relationships, who drink, do drugs, abuse or neglect their children. And many of these people are Xians. And what else makes me sick is macho heterosexual men chest slamming or head-butting into each other or beating each other's brains out in the fight rings, etc.

Cole said...

Homosexuals don't make me sick.

The thought of me kissing or having sex with another man does.

Cole said...

I just can't seem to bring my mind into having sex with another man and enjoying it.

If they can that's great. it's not for me.

tina FCD said...

Have you seen this yet?


Cole said...


I just can't fall in love with a man like I can a woman.

If Goddess exists I would prefer that it be a woman and not a man.

I mean, I'm just not going to be too enthused and enthrhalled when I die if I find out that the Divine is a male. I would rather spend eternity with a beautiful woman.

Stardust said...

I just can't seem to bring my mind into having sex with another man and enjoying it.

Like you said, that's because you are not homosexual. ;-)

Stardust said...

Tina, yes I did see that at GifS. Emulate Hitler Youth and all the "evil empires" throughout history. He is dangerous, extremely dangerous. However, he does say these groups "nearly succeeded" and so they didn't overtake the world but were shut down, bombed, stopped in their tracks.

Jason H. Bowden said...

"It doesn't change my life"

If I get married and have children, it will change mine. Marriage equality entails that Kindergarteners must learn about all alternative lifestyles-- the two daddy penguins, the princes that fell in love with each other, and all that stuff. Otherwise, we'd be legally discriminating.

If children are in my future, I'm sending them to a private school. I'd rather them learn magical stories about Jesus than face the senseless degradation of progressive dogma. Obama has promised sex ed for our Kindergarteners as it is.

What sucks about hopeychange progressives -- few of them are for this stuff; most don't even have a personal stake in it. They see their progressive ideas as a sacrifice. For example, I remember a progressive telling me that if 1 out of 300 kids isn't getting sex ed at home, then everyone must sacrifice and learn porn bs in school for the common good. From foreign policy, to economics, to moral issues, progressivism is all about hitting bottom to get that lowest common denominator.

Stardust said...

Jason, I don't agree with teaching kids about alternative lifestyles in kindergarten and one of the reasons I wasn't supporting Obama. Some of his ideas are ludicrous even for the inner city. Promote stronger family interaction instead of stronger institutional responsibility for what should be the parents or guardians.

Teaching kids to be respectful of other people in general is enough at that age. I also don't agree with teaching sex education at all to kindergartners and elementary school children. But junior high, a basic sex education in health class is probably good or else people like me (when I was growing up) would have to get their information via the grapevine because my parents were hush hush about that stuff. I thought you could get pregnant holding hands until I learned the truth. (blush)

Public school, in general, is a huge disgrace and so much time is wasted on topics that are not academic. They go way overboard when it comes to sex education and drug education. I remember at a high school open house when I first was registering our son for high school and there was this big display case of drug paraphernalia and kids were swarmed around it memorizing all the stuff and laughing that now they will know what is out there and what to ask for properly. Drug problems have been rising in our community since the 80s when the DARE program came to town.

The U.S. is far behind many western nations in math and science and that is probably because more focus is being given to other topics that have little to do with academia. Little Johnny might learn that Bob and Jim can be lovers too, but they won't know to add or subtract, read or write properly. (That's another thing that gets me...the way schools now give credit and reward for mediocre work...honor roll for trying and not doing.)

If I were raising kids again, they definitely would be completely homeschooled till college, or private school. As for private schools not being affordable, most Catholic and Protestant schools allow hardship cases and let them go there anyway. There are a large number of families on poverty wages and welfare whose kids are going to private schools. Like you say, they just have to endure the magical Jeebus crap.

Public or private, there is always some other bullcrap they want to teach the kids that take away from academics. The time spent in gym class or prayer service would be better spent allowing kids to be free to do whatever they, draw, write music, play, unwind and think. Every minute of their day is taken up ramming stuff into their heads, and by some teachers who may not even be qualified to be teaching children.

Better to homeschool, if your work schedule allows.