Friday, January 02, 2009

Pat Condell's latest message

Pat once again with a very articulate critique on religion:

LINK: The water of life

Then here is what Pat is talking about Muslims who believe Christmas is “evil” because Allah has no offspring and Christians are going to hell for such blasphemy. Once again, one god believer rejecting the beliefs of other god believers— and they both worship the same imaginary God of Abraham!


Cole said...

This is one of the things that gets me. I was just thinking about it today.

Once I came to the conclusion of agnosticism with regards to the evidence I had to admit that I may be wrong. I thought that if the Muslims are right and I were to die tomorrow I would go to hell. Then I thought of people like my grandma who were already dead and didn't know hardly anything about Islam and how according to them she is in hell right now because she wasn't a muslim. It's crazy.

God seems to have everybody confused about who He is.

Stardust said...

Which is why if there is a god he should stop hiding and come out and clarify things. He hasn't so far, because there is no god. I have a problem with believing in a god who knows the minds and souls of billions of people past, present and future, in all cultures all over this speck of a planet in the vast, vast universe.

It's as absurd to me as believing in a fat bearded immortal elf-man in a red suit who knows the activities of all children in the world who has flying reindeer and travels around the world popping up and down chimneys of millions and millions of children in only one night.