Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Good luck President Obama

And he is going to need it considering the immensity of his job, and all of the clean-up he has to do to fulfill the thousands of promises he has made.

I did watch the inauguration today, out of a desire to witness history being made by our first African-American president being sworn in. I was ready for the sky daddy invocations, but it grew annoying after awhile, and irritated me that those of other beliefs and non-believers got a slight acknowledgment and then moved right back into the god crap again. It seemed like an enormous church service rather than an inauguration of a leader of a nation of diverse people.

Prayers and magical invocations have always been a part of inaugurations, the emphasis varied from president to president. Also, in these modern times with the extensive and obsessive news coverage, we have the entire events brought right to our livingrooms in greater detail with each newly-elected president.

Not all presidents god beliefs are alike. Our founding fathers were mostly Deists. The more moderate god believers kept the prayers simple and low-key. A few have been more evangelical, but still low-keyed. But Obama is showing that despite his liberal stance on many issues, and his call to unite America, he is a die-hard god botherer and the whole event entirely was focused to his god beliefs, right down to allowing magical believers to annoint the doorways he would walk through with magical oil from the Middle East. He invoked god, quoted Bible verses, and has said that he talks to his imaginary friend every day. Let's hope that his god doesn't tell him to do something stupi
d, or at least hope he will question those voices in his head when he hears them.

I don't want to be a total downer here. I really do hope, despite his god bothering obsession, that things get better. I hope he turns out to be the best president we ever had. And I hope the ass-kissing of the religious right will die down now that his presidency is underway.


Tommy said...

I want to know why Obama hasn't caught Osama bin Laden yet! He's had nearly a full day in office already.

BTW, I think you can take down your Countdown to the End of the Bush Presidency clock.

Stardust said...

Yeah, Tommy! Why hasn't everything magically changed! He's been in office for 24 hours, where's the miracles? LOL!

Thanks for pointing out the clock. It needs to come down now.

tina FCD said...

Stardust, I was totally turned off by the religious hype. Blah blah blah.
I would of liked it more if he said, "non-believers" first over the christians, muslims, etc etc etc. Yes, we were definitely put in the back of the bus so to speak.
When the preaching church services kept going and going and going...I found the remote!
Side note, I went to the gym after that and had to listen to a couple of religious people discussing god...glad I had my trusty head phones!

Stardust said...

Tina, I had to get up and walk away during the magical incantations/invocations. I can't stand listening to grown men and women call upon their imaginary friends in public. I am embarrassed for them, and disgusted to listen to it. It's mind boggling that Harvard and Yale educated men and women still talk to an imaginary sky daddy in the year 2009.

Then it didn't stop there, it continued at the luncheon where more magical words were said. And I feel sorry for all the Buddhists, atheists, secular humanists, etc that had to sit there quietly and respectfully allow it to go on.