Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Intelligent Designer?

Three engineering students were gathered together discussing the possible designers of the human body.

One said, "It was a mechanical engineer. Just look at all the joints."

Another said, "No, it was an electrical engineer. The nervous system
has many thousands of electrical connections."

The last said, "Actually it was a civil engineer. Who else would run a
toxic waste pipeline through a recreational area?
Tracy P. Hamilto

Poem by Edwin Kagin,
Director for American Atheists, Kentucky

Dear Intelligent Designer,

Creator God of Everything, I hope Thee wilt not decline
To answer me my questionings of Intelligent Design.

I know that every living thing came from Thy mighty mind
That Thou created perfectly every life form that we find.

Some pious people tell me they have, through Thee, resolved
That Eden spawned all living things and that life has not evolved.

That each kind of Thy created works Thou did to finest form refine,
And human perfection clearly shows the intelligence of Thy design.

Creator God, please do explain the truths of I.D. to me
And why some flaw-free eyes Thou made need glass to clearly see.

Tell me God of Everything, for I know Thou cannot lie,
Why every perfect thing Thou made must one day age and die.

And why are joints, and backs, and bones subject to ruin and pain?
Why must heads ache, and kidneys leak, and blood vessels burst from

Why do we jettison out our waste so near the port of birth?
Why should any of Thy organs quit?
Were we designed just for Thy mirth?

Barely can we walk upright; most teeth will rot or fail.
And what does our appendix do? Did once we have a tail?

Why do some bodies attack themselves,
when from disease we might be free?

Tell me truly, God of Truth, were all our afflictions made by Thee?

Why does Intelligent Design make so many people fat?
Why have we not the grace or ease designed into the cat?


Deacon Barry said...

The mollusc's eyes are well designed,
The rods up front, the nerves behind.
Yet we, God's favourites are cursed,
With rods and cones and nerves reversed.
So when our retinas are firing,
Our vision is obscured by wiring.
So why, I.D. proponents, did
God prefer the humble squid?

Stardust said...

deacon barry - Excellent poem, did you write it?

Good point about the squid.

Cold viruses, influenza germs, bacteria that causes illnesses and disease . . . ticks, leeches, pirana, anacondas...

All living things must kill and eat other living things to survive.

And the the joke makes an excellent point that I have thought about often: Why does everything have to shit? Why make women to have a messy and often painful and uncomfortable monthly cycle? Babies shit all over everything during or soon after birth. And they look a bloody fright with all that gunk all over them. Adam and Eve magically appear, but everything else in nature comes via mess and gore...and pain. Animals feel pain during childbirth. What was their "original sin"? Gawd is such a dick that punishes animals for a human eating an apple?

Deacon Barry said...

I wrote it this morning in response to your post. I'm an ophthalmic nurse, so I'm a bit of an eye geek.

Daniel said...

I think the way the world is that the existence of a god is disproved. No self-respecting god would claim to have made this mess surely! Cheers