Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Neocon Wasp Woman!


Drunken Tune said...


I've been an avid reader of Gods4Suckers for a while now, and stumbled across your blog just recently. I'd like to give you props for your work. Thank you for being here.

Oh, and your website is great.

Daniel said...

Caught you on Beep's Blog. I'll call again. Us freethinkers must stand together yet think independently. Is that possible? Cheers!

Tommy said...

"The horror..."

Stardust said...

dt- Thanks for coming by and for the compliments. Since I started blogging less than a year ago, I have seen many, many atheist and freethought blogs develop. A movement is underway in this country to counter the extremist religious movements that would like to see us back into the dark ages.

Stardust said...

daniel - thanks also to you for reading my blog and commenting. Beepbeep's got a great blog.

Yes, we freethinkers must stand together while remaining to think independently. I do think it is possible because I see it in many, many discussions and debates even between atheists and freethinkers themselves all over the blogosphere and in science news, politics, etc.

Drunken Tune said...

A movement is underway in this country to counter the extremist religious movements that would like to see us back into the dark ages.

I do happen to agree with you, stardust, but I fear now and again that it's just wishful thinking on our part. No matter what, we'll always be 10% of the population, and listened to far less. I'm sure most Christians - such as the men and women that want us in "the dark ages" - really do believe they are helping. That is, perhaps, more terrifying than an evil cabal bent on oppression, dominion and ignorance, since they believe as strongly as we do that they are the forces of good.

Daniel said...

Ah, Drunken Tune, you do not speak with a forked tongue, sir.

Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale seem to spell it all out rather clearly and ominously. Cheers!

MichaelBains said...

No matter what, we'll always be 10% of the population, and listened to far less.

"Always" only in regards to our lifetimes, DT. This is the main reason I've already been dismayed by young folks' disinterest in the study of History as I went thru school.

The "hard" sciences are only more substantial and easily reproduced because people Allow themselves to ignore historical facts as unimportant; same as they do for math etc. But the facts of History, though more easily hidden or subverted, none the less support the fact that a FAR greater number of people now actively reject supernaturalism than did so even mere decades ago.

Always? Teach our children well, so that their children won't be victims of the same sort of culturally acceptable ignoramia as you & I must still endure. {-;

(There ya go. How's that for independant free thinking?!)

Thanks for the wonderful forum, Stardust! :)

MichaelBains said...

Oh yah!

How's eatin' wee Georgie gonna help reduce "It's" adam's apple when it says it needs to men for the task???

Silly neocon nutter... {shakin'head} Let her eat the whole Admin and it'll be swollen like her ego after a Chris Wallace interview.

Stardust said...

MichealBains...nice to see you here.

My hubby was flipping channels the other day and happened to stop at a news program where MAnn was a guest with a few other people. She is a big tough-talker alone, but get her in a group and she turns into the class geek! She sat there like the biggest dork and looked SO STUPID ASS! She's just a sideshow freak and most likely Internetweekly is giving her too much credit...perhaps we all are.

As for your other comment...I agree, nothing is ever hopeless till it's over. "Teach your children well" is very true. I raised THREE freethinking atheists...and I am damn proud of it!

Tommy said...

My favorite Ann Coulter tv appearance was back I think in late 2003. She was part of a discussion panel that included several other speakers, including Penn Gillette.

The topic of their discussion was the insurgency in Iraq that people started to take notice of after the glow of the initial success of the invasion had faded.

Coulter started parroting what some in the Bush administration were saying at the time, mentioning Germans resisting the American occupation after WWII. They were alleged to be made up of hardcore Hitler Youth and were called Werewolves. So anyway, Coulter brings up the Werewolves, clearly suggesting that there was a comparison between the occupations of Iraq and post WWII Germany.

Then Penn Gillette pops the question "Ann, do you know how many American soldiers were killed by German insurgents after World War Two?" or something along those lines. Ann replied that she did not know the answer. And then Penn hit her with the answer. "Zero."

Coulter babbled incoherently and was incapable of formulating a meaningful response. Penn had bitch slapped her on tv.

Stardust said...

tommy - that's almost pathetic to see her when she gets cornered. I almost feel sorry for her when that happens, but not quite because she is such a bitchy and hateful person. I would have loved to see the Penn Gillette bitch-slappin'!