Thursday, October 12, 2006

Ramen, Julia Sweeney!

“It took me years, but letting go of religion has been the most profound wake up of my life. I feel I now look at the world not as a child, but as an adult. I see what's bad and it's really bad. But I also see what is beautiful, what is wonderful. And I feel so deeply appreciative that I am alive. How dare the religious use the term 'born again.' That truly describes freethinkers who've thrown off the shackles of religion so much better!”

-- Quote submitted by Julia Sweeney. For more about Julia Sweeney, go to "Freethought Comedienne of the Year"


beepbeepitsme said...

Working out that the gods are myths. which is how I think of them, was like the fog being lifted to me. It really was like a fog lifting. I could see the world and oberve the world as it really was.

Tommy said...

Now now beepbeep, you are letting Satan trick you!

Stardust said...

beepbeep, I know the feeling. After I sloughed off the religious mythology, I could see things so much more clearly ... "a fog being lifted" describes it perfectly. Though I get down and depressed at times, I no longer feel like the bad things or challenges that come along in life are my fault, or a "test" from gawd, or a torment from "satan", or any of that. Shit happens. Some things we can work to correct, some things we have no control over. I can roll with it all much better now without the superstition.

tommy - yes, "letting satan trick you" is the fundie comeback when you tell them how much better our lives are without religious superstition and oppression. I have heard that from my fundie family members who ironically seem to be sad a lot and feeling sorry for themselves for even the tiniest of problems.