Sunday, October 22, 2006

"A Visit To Hellhouse"

A hell house, also commonly known as a judgment house, is a haunted house-style attraction typically run by fundamentalist Xian churches or parachurch groups, but now has found its way to theaters across the nation and around the world. These attractions are meant to depict the divine judgements that await "unrepentant sinners" and the torments of the damned in Hell. (Basically trying to scare the bejeebus into the heathen, but ends up only making them laugh hysterically.) Hell houses are typically operated in the days preceding Halloween.
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From Gothamist - Nearly all productions of “Hell House” are based on a single script sold by Pastor Keenan Roberts, co-founder of The New Destiny Christian Center in Colorado. “Hell House” visitors are escorted through a series of graphic scenes which illustrate the agonizing results of such sinful behavior as gay marriage, abortion, and dancing at raves.

The intent, according to Pastor Keenan’s website, is “to shake your city with the most in-your-face, high-flyin', no denyin', death-defyin', Satan-be-cryin', keep-ya-from-fryin', theatrical stylin', no holds barred, cutting-edge evangelism tool of the new millennium!”

At the end of the production Gawd attempts to lead the audience in a group prayer committing their lives to Jeebus. As one commenter stated “The whole idea is simply to break down their viewers’ resistance with shocking images, setting them up for the big pitch: “Hey kid, be a shame if any of that happened to you wouldn’t it? Well, our man Jesus, he can make sure it doesn’t, know what I mean?”

I think it’s hilarious how “a Los Angeles production of “Hell House” enlisted Andy Richter (as Jesus) and Bill Maher (as Satan) to lampoon Pastor Keenan’s script.”

Additions: A Hell House YouTube promo


Lame Hell House Commercial


Daniel said...

I'm not aware of such attractions in Australia but, sure as night follows day, they'll be here soon!

P.S. Your blog colour is a great choice and I like your style of writing. I'd be happy to link with you if you thought my site measured up! Please advise. Cheers!

Stardust said...

daniel...yes, it is a good choice of color, isn't it? ;)

By all means, link away! I have been to your site and looks interesting. I will do the favor likewise and add your link soon.

Daniel said...

Good as done. I was touched by your tribute to your husband. It's nice to think some of the older values have survived our me-first world! Cheers!

Stardust said...

Thanks daniel, upholding the committment of lifetime marriage isn't always easy, but we made a promise to each other and never let that "D" word enter our minds. Like I said in the other post, ALL of the divorced friends we have are xians, all made the same vows and all except for one couple just "fell out of love" and are still friends...several remarried and said the same vows AGAIN...a couple of them for the THIRD time around. Lifetime vows before their gawd two and three times. We sit at these weddings baffled. We are like why do they bother getting married at all? Just live together.

And when they say "gawd wouldn't want me in an unhappy marriage"...then why did "gawd join together what no man should put asunder"? Shows gawd's magical union is bullcrap. It is the individuals committment to one another that keeps them together. There are legitimate reasons for breaking up, but most of the ones we hear are like people grow weary like they do with their wardrobes or home decor.

BaconEating AtheistJew said...

Stardust, will you join the Atheist blogroll already. You'll get more exposure that way.

Here is the link.

Stardust said...

Bacon, I was looking at what you have to do and just haven't had time to get into it. Last time I tried to add something to my blog it all messed up and took me a half a day to fix everything. I need to wait till I have time to allow for problems...I will get around to it though...thanks!