Saturday, January 13, 2007

Every sperm is sacred!

We are always focusing on evangelical protestants and forget that many in the Catholic church are just about as goofy. They don’t always love their situations that their religion forces them to “accept”. The neighbors who live behind us are Catholic and they have lived here as long as we have, nearly 20 years and since they are “devout” and don’t believe in birth control they have had a baby every two years and had two to start out with. THEN their oldest daughter got pregnant and isn’t married and has two kids of her own in that house with all of them. It’s a zoo over there. I don’t know how they can possibly pay for all of them and all of the utilities it must cost to maintain the household needs. The drunken father is wandering around the backyard all the time yelling and swearing and doesn’t seem to be happy with his bundles from heaven.


Anonymous said...

I think this may be a holdover meme, from back in the days prior to biology, where the man was considered the sole source of life & the woman simply a receptacle.

The Merchant of Menace said...

As long as they don't actually enjoy the sex they have it is OK, and god will approve. But if there's just one scintilla of pleasure in there, unlikely for the woman, I know, then it's off to hell, lol! Mind you, the daughter's consigned to go there anyway, the wanton slut, daring to have sex outwith marriage and not simply for procreation either!

Just a final thought: the father's not the father, is he? In which case they're both consigned for hell.

Oh how the sanctimonious and sour old prat of a family priest will just relish laying on the guilt over this little escapade!

Serves the god-fodderers right.

Mr. Natural said...

I just heard this on the radio today while out on the road...GOOD STUFF!

Stardust said...

Mr. Natural...thanks for coming by and commenting. Long live Monty Python!