Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The X-Rated Bible - Updated "Born Again" Edition


"Incest, rape, adultery, exhibitionism, prostitution, homosexuality, abortion, mate swapping, bestiality -- it's all there in the book held sacred by three of the world's major religions. Originally published to reveal the hypocrisy of fundamentalists' attempts to censor and suppress the kind of material found throughout their own scriptures, The X-Rated Bible quickly became the American Atheist Press's most notorious and best-selling book. It garnered media attention due to its title, subject matter (with chapters like "Lot Knocks Up Both His Daughters," and "Noah Gets Drunk and Exposes Himself"), and association with publisher Madalyn Murray O'Hair, famous atheist and publicity hound."
Paperback, 245 pages.


Anonymous said...

Bestiality? Which chapter is that 1 in? That's a new 1. The rest, sure, I could cobble them up toot sweet.
I just did a post on something similarhere, case you're interested.

Stardust said...

ka - for bestiality, check this out

Leviticus 18:23

Stardust said...

ka, be sure to click the "next" arrow at the Brick testament link to see all bible references and images for bestiality. :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, I meant to say, "Who did that?", not "Is there a rule aginst it?" My bad.