Friday, January 26, 2007

God has retired and moved to south Florida!


At first I thought it was a parody, but it’s a true story about another whackadoo who claims to be the man “Christ Jesus” who came back to earth to live in the lap of luxury in Doral, Florida… and sheeple flock to him! His followers lavish him with gifts, houses, cars and money and they really believe he is Jesus in the flesh returned to earth as a pimp daddy!

“This self-proclaimed Son of God is a 60 year old former heroin addict and convict.”

Jesus no longer has any hang-ups with material wealth, and has no problem taking advantage of stupid people. He has brought news that sin no longer exists! He is on his second earthling wife. The has clarified that there is no devil, and no hell…and prayer is a waste of time! Glory Halleluia!

This is from the Today Show on 8/22/06.

Newslink: The Man Who Claims To Be Jesus



Anonymous said...

Prayer a waste of time? The Devil doesn't exist? Other religious leaders are liars? I'm a fan of these views, but that's unbelievable that so many people would actually believe him when he says he's jesus. It's hard to believe that some people can be so stupid.

Stardust said...

delta -

He’s like a thug who has come to town, demanding a part of their wealth, only instead of a gun he is using the bible and capitalizing on stupid human superstition. I think he knows exactly what he is doing and that he is taking advantage of people.

He is hiding behind the “respect” that people and government feels they must have for any idiotic belief or crazy-ass, bogus “religion” that comes along. (My bet is that all the “gifts” the sheeple give him are tax free? And he flaunts these gifts right under the media’s noses.)

He says in one of the videos found on his crazy-ass website that he cannot die, that someone could come up and try to kill him and he will not die and cult members believe him and never stop to think that he says that because if someone tries to kill him, his body guards will kill whoever is trying to kill him? Like a mafia boss! Why would gawd need human bodyguards?

Stardust said...

Also, he is saying what most religious moderates want to hear and ignoring the bad parts of the xian religion that most moderate xians do not want to believe.

Most people are sheeple...they flock from one herd to another. Some con artists are better "sheepherders" than others and have better "bait."

Anonymous said...

Two things from the NBC Today Report particularly struck me:

1. It was reported that some people say it might a cult. Duh! Virtually all religions are cults.

2. A Catholic priest warned of the danger of someone saying he’s god and everyone must do what he says. I couldn’t agree more, but what significant difference is between this man saying he is Jesus and your Pope saying he is the Vicar of Christ? For that matter, how is claiming that there is any god that must be obeyed any less dangerous than this man or the Pope’s claim?

I enjoy reading your blog.

Stardust said...

Ka Mahuakala - thanks for taking the time to read and comment here!

You've made some good points. Funny that they report this "could be" a cult, when most reporters themselves don't recognize that they themselves are part of some kind of cult if they are believers in some kind of religion/faith. (I have found out lately that some Baptist denominations and evangelicals say they are "not religious"...they are following god...which I find to be a pretty amusing proclaimation.)

As for Catholics, they believe that the Pope is Jesus' representative here on earth...and that Jesus is God...therefore they do the same thing but fail to recognize that. Also, the Pope lives in a palace, and surrounded by riches and fine art, fine food, etc. The Pope tells his cult what they should and should not do. I don't see a difference between this dude in Florida or the Pope...or the leader of any cult. The leaders of cults always benefit at the expense of the sheeple who follow them.

Stardust said...

again, since changing over to new blogger...Delta is now anonymous, KA is now anonymous...what happened?