Saturday, January 27, 2007

It's a Sin

Dr Lee E. Warren writes :

"Guilt is one of the most powerful emotions within a man’s consciousness that shapes human personality and society. Guilt governs our behavior, colors the way we perceive ourselves, and slants our outlook of the world.

We can understand guilt if we view it as a self-policing feeling and an emotion of self-punishment that all societies must encourage and maintain to influence individual actions. A person that is guiltless is a detriment to himself and society for there is nothing to prevent him from doing harm to another human. Psychologists call individuals that are guiltless psychopaths. This is the positive and healthy side of guilt."

However, as with any principle, it has a negative side, which often stems from religious guilt which instills feelings of remorse, self-doubt, or personal responsibility that results when a religious person engages in what according to one's religion is believed to be, sinful acts.

Wikipedia states : "even though there is proper guilt from doing 'wrong' instead of doing 'right,' people endure all sorts of guilty feelings that don't stem from violating universal moral principles." Many people go through life torturing themselves with unnecessary and undeserved guilt because of some ancient, irrelevant and unnecessary moral codes laid down by ancient men in eras long past.

This video by the Pet Shop Boys depicts these feelings of guilt and unnecessary psychological self-torment people put themselves through because they were taught to believe the are bad when they are not bad. The singer is gay, therefore often hears how "evil" he is according to god believers. Most religions are all about making people feel bad about who they are....for merely being human.


Anonymous said...

Helping professionals working in very religious areas are used to encountering guilt. Many Christians who end up reluctantly seeking treatment for depression feel overwhelming guilt over it. As if clinical depression weren't bad enough, they have internalized religious messages about how their life is "a gift" and that their feelings of sadness are in insult to their god. As you can imagine, they often end up feeling even worse about themselves. Not surprisingly, their churches are often quite hostile to the idea of their seeking professional help.

The Merchant of Menace said...

What Vjack says is true.

It is also true that so-called 'Doctor Lee' is a charlatan

Stardust said...

I found this on a Buddhist site, of all places. (I am in not advocating Buddhism, but this pretty much sums up guilt and xianity)

The concept of being born onto the earth with an “original sin” - for which we are not even responsible - easily puts a feeling of guilt in our minds (I am bad, even without doing anything wrong). Furthermore, the presentations in several Christian traditions can give one the impression that one should feel guilty and ashamed even for simply having fun. I believe that this type of guilt is even a learned, socially imposed emotion; Tibetans do not even have a word for it! If that is correct, it is not even a basic human emotion, but a culturally imposed type of mental frustration.

Tommy said...

My favorite Petshop Boys song is "What Have I Done to Deserve This?"

JDHURF said...

Many Christians are guided by the irrational and defiling notion that "we are created sick and commanded to be well." This clearly has practical problems, both psychologically and socio-politically.

Stardust said...

My favorite Petshop Boys song is "What Have I Done to Deserve This?"

tommy, that song goes along well with this one.

Mikayla Starstuff said...

Wow I've heard that song before but never really paid attention to it. Thanks for sharing that.