Friday, October 19, 2007

Autistic boy found, thanks to HUMAN VOLUNTEERS

I am very glad that this boy is safe and sound, and yes it is very fortunate that the weather turned warm again. But it's so irritating when these people think that their god did a special favor for them, while so many kids are found dead, are missing, abused, starving and neglected, exploited, and just plain forgotten about like the boy in this story:

Body of Missing Autistic 7-year-old Boy Found in Creek

The parents of the 14-year old who was found alive and well said the usual thing that god believers say when their prayers are answered in the way they hope . . . “We knew that God had something in this for us,” she told TODAY co-host Matt Lauer during a live interview via satellite on Friday. “Every day the weather got warmer and warmer and warmer — it was as if God breathed his warm breath down on us.”"

It's easy to say this when things turn out the way you hope. To say that there is a god who picks favorites of who he will take preference of one child to another is to is absurd.

Why not just give credit and thanks to the TEAM OF HUMAN VOLUNTEERS who found the lost boy sleeping on the ground and be grateful that Mother Nature is producing warmer than usual weather this season?
Also, what it really comes down to is luck and the perseverance of the one who is lost, as his brother said it so well:

He’s a lot stronger than probably some of us out there,” Micah replied. “He’s a trouper. I guess he just found out a way to survive probably better than most of us would.”


Tommy said...

Maybe if there was a blazing light hovering over the autistic boy, I might be impressed.

Jonzie said...

Check your title Stardust: "Austic boy".

Stardust said...

Thanks jonzie. I didn't even notice that error! *blush*

all fixed

tina said...

What's embarrassing is that I read it as "autistic!" I thought the same thing about them thanking god.

Stardust said...

tina, what's real embarrassing is that I have a Masters in English and have worked as a writer/editor for several years!