Thursday, October 11, 2007

What would you do before the end of the world?

LONDON, (Reuters)-- An asteroid is on a collision course with the earth and you have one hour left to live. What would you do in your last 60 minutes?

Not surprisingly, the majority of Britons questioned in a survey -- 54 percent -- said they would like to spend it either with or on the phone to their loved ones.

This is the option I would choose. I would want to be with my husband and family.

But the survey revealed a strong hedonistic streak -- 13 percent would sit back, accept the inevitable and reach for a glass of champagne.

Champagne? How about some Jack Daniels!

Sex appealed to only nine percent while just three percent would turn to prayer.


Two percent intriguingly said they would reach for some fatty food while another two percent decided, with just an hour's life to go, that it was time to start looting.

There will always be the looters . . . no matter what the looming catastrophic event, no matter about the pointlessness of the looting. Some humans are just hopelessly stupid.

What would you do before the end of the world?


CyberKitten said...

Not much you *can* do in 60 minutes........ [grin]

Joe said...

I almost hate to admit this, but I'd hunt down a few people who have done me wrong and, well, kill them. Though you can make the arguement that I'd be saving them from the mass death anyway. Still...

Stardust said...

cyberkitten, yep...not much you can do in 60 minutes. Maybe not even time to get together with family and loved ones. My husband works more than an hour away, and my son's wouldn't be able to get here in an hour and my daughter lives on the east coast! It would probably end up being me and my Bearded Dragon, Miller.

joe, wow....those "wrongs" must have been pretty awful!

CyberKitten said...

stardust said: cyberkitten, yep...not much you can do in 60 minutes.

Though of course if it happened on a normal work day there are some *very* attractive women in my office..... [muses]

Maybe you *can* do quite a lot in an hour...... [chuckle].

Tommy said...

I guess it all depends on where you are and who you are with.

To be perfectly honest, being the optimist I am, I would try to see what I could do to enhance my chances of surviving.

Poodles said...

Drink with my family and friends.

tina said...

I would definitely be with my kids. One lives one house away, the other three are close also, close enough to get here in an hour. I would still be mothering, even to my 35 year old.