Thursday, October 18, 2007

Boy’s crusade to ban cussing in South Pasadena - WTF?

What would you do if someone asked you not to cuss in your city? What if no-cussing was made law?

14-year-old Mckay Hatch formed the No Cussing Club whose motto is “Ya Wanna Hang with Us? Don’t Cuss!” It is McKay’s mission to get his peers and the public to clean up their language, which IMO some people really need to do, BUT he isn’t satisfied with just having his club, he wants to force everyone to join it via the legal system. What happens when someone doesn't like the "content" of conversations even when swearing is not used? Will Big Brother be listening and waiting to take us off to language jail or to force us to go to foul language "rehab"?

Boy, 14, Crusades To Make South Pasadena Cuss-Free

(CBS) SOUTH PASADENA, Calif. A junior high school student appealed to South Pasadena officials to make the city a “no cussing zone,” it was reported.

Bothered by the constant use of foul language at his junior high school, 14-year-old McKay Hatch urged South Pasadena officials to consider making the city a “no cussing zone,” KCAL 9 reported.

What started as a five-member organization quickly spread to over 100 members locally and blossomed to over 1,000 members in 32 states and 11 countries, it was reported.

Then there is this story on the same Yahoo news page

Swearing at work ‘boosts team spirit, morale’

So, what the fuck do you think about this? Ooops…(hides from language police)


DiVerL said...

WWGCS (What would George Carlin Say?) The 7 words...shit, piss, c*nt (see I can't even type that unforgivable word) cocksucker, motherfucker, tits.

So I guess I'm goin to hell to hell now.

And hey, I use to live in Chicagoland...LaGrange and anywhere off of Ogden, from Lisle to Berwyn...haha.

tina said...

Well that's fucked up! They are just damn words, duh.

JDHURF said...

For me, a great deal of the time, the word fuck, as Lewis Black points out, is not even really a word, it is something a bit more like a comma. Fourteen year old kids will be kids, he'll grow up and be forced to deal with the real world on its own terms some day, for now let him play I suppose. Although, I was cursing long before I turned fourteen.

JDHURF said...

I also have to add that I find it a moral disgrace that people have the privileged audacity to expend so much energy on such meaningless, infantile and harmless issues while there are around the world innocent children, women and men all dying of starvation, easily curable diseases, religious extremism, dirty water, etcetera.

Such grotesque illustrations of privileged complacency, apathy, ignorance and contempt are morally reprehensible and risible.