Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Woman who gives birth on highway says God is telling her not to have more kids

If her god doesn't want her to have more babies, then instead of making her plop her 5th one out on the highway as a "sign"...why doesn't this god simply NOT CREATE A NEW LIFE INSIDE HER ANYMORE! God believers claim that their god creates all life. While claiming that we should not interfere with this god's creative process, at the same time they make up things about what their god does or does not want them to do when it comes to birth control and their own independent decisions and actions which are in conflict with this "only god can make or take life", and they try to cover up that hypocrisy in their actions by justifying it with "god sent me a sign" or "god told me this is the right thing to do".

God believers and humans in general are so imaginative when it comes to justifying things that they want or don't want that makes them feel guilty. To relieve that guilt of not wanting more kids, this woman says that god is telling her not to have more by causing her to deliver in an inconvenient and potentially dangerous place. However, it is her fault for having so many kids in the first place, and then leaving too late for the hospital when she knows that after so many kids, labor usually gets shorter with each child born. It's like I say, people make up so many "god scenerios" according to their own needs and desires, and to relieve their guilt by justifying their decision
s by making up stories about what a big, invisible man in the sky wants or doesn't want. After I had gone through five pregnancies and only three live births and decided that it would be a health risk to have more, I simply said "tie the tubes, I don't want and can't handle having any more." Just say it like it is.

Nevada woman gives birth of freeway:

RENO, Nev. - Carla Dupree says God is trying to tell her that five kids is enough. That's after No. 5 was born at a freeway offramp.

Dupree, 29, said her mother-in-law was driving her from Sparks to a Reno hospital on Saturday when Jayden Dupree took things into his own hands.

"I had him on the freeway," she said. "This is the last one. God is telling me something."

Dupree had been in the car for about six minutes before they had to pull over just outside the Vista Boulevard exit on Interstate 80.

Jayden, who was due Oct. 19, weighed in at 6 pounds, 7 ounces. Mother and son are doing fine.


tina said...

It's always the same ole story, god told me to. We need to stop having all these babies anyway, 5 is more than enough, in my opinion.

Stardust said...

hi tina, yep with all the overcrowding and environmental problems etc. the world doesn't need so many more people.

Common sense should tell people like this woman that two, at most is more than enough in this world. I don't know why so many women get such satisfaction about being "baby factories".

Andrea said...

All I know is...I'm good with the two cuties I have now. No more for me.

Tommy said...

Me too!

If my wife and I had a third child, we would have gone totally insane by now.

It's very hard for me, because I have to pick them up in the evening, get them home by 6 pm, feed them, bathe them, sit with them when they do their homework, do household chores and so on, all by myself.

American Scot said...

Reason is the main factor in my wife and I's decision not to have children.

The whole go forth and multiply edict is based on male control over women. And nothing more...

Andrea said...

AS, there may be some validity to that...but it's also a numbers game. If the rational, thoughtful, and intelligent don't multiply, and the irrational, superstitious, and shallow do....? Ever seen "Idiocracy?"

Tommy, I totally agree that a third kid would drive me literally crazy. And now you know what it's like to be a stay-at-home mom. Plus I still nurse the baby through the night :)

American Scot said...

"Ever seen "Idiocracy?"

Every time I step outside of my building! "rimshot" :)
You have a good point about the numbers. But how do we counter the rabbit like breeding habits of the morons? Surely trying to compete isn't the answer!
I never meant to imply that having children is unreasonable. It is just a reasonable decision for my wife and I, that is all.

Andrea said...

Not *the* answer, but it couldn't hurt. And, being honest, a part of me is jealous of childless couples.

Robguy said...

God told me that all his followers are nut jobs. It's hard to find a good posse.

tina said...

A few comments from a fundie on another blog, to my son.(Side note, his father, who was 22, was killed while walking on a road in Texas, run over two times. And the people that did it(hit and run)never got punished. One had the military to back him up and one was never caught.Larro (larry) was turning five years old and just starting school. I was 21 years old.)

Comment to Larro>For children who were never in a religious environment, someone is still to blame, if not their parents, maybe their grand parents, or great grandparents, or great great great grandparents, the religion got lost somewhere up the family tree right? Cos it all started with 2 people guided by God.

larro, now we know why you're an atheist, cos your mother didn't show it to you. What about your father? is he an atheist too? And is your wife a Christian? If so, shame on her for marrying an atheist.

This is me>You know, I tried to be civil and pose questions to you guys, but all I get is criticism? Larro is also thankful that I didn't indoctrinate him, he has a mind of his own and it's not dictated by an invisible thing. My youngest daughter is atheist also, my other two children are agnostic.

As for Larro's father, that is up to Larro to answer that question, you see, he is dead.

Now as for his wife, you should be ashamed of yourself to assume or ask a question like that.

This person also said that Larro is wrong not to have children and is making fun of him and his wife for having two cats and two dogs instead.....give me a break!

Crap this is getting too long.
Oh, and he said, do you ever wonder WHY your husband died? Insinuating it was because we were atheist. Shit, back then, I didn't even know what an atheist was!

Stardust said...

Oh, and he said, do you ever wonder WHY your husband died? Insinuating it was because we were atheist.

tina, I HATE when they pull out that stupid crap like their god is sadistically going around abusing people because they don't believe...and when I bring up the fact that many xians are suffering far worse than I am, and bad things are happening to them such as children of xians who are murdered by psycho lunatics...why is their god "punishing" even the most fervent believer? They usually don't answer right away and have to go think and make up some excuse or reason why.

If most people are god believers, and so many bad things happen to god believers, then that goes to show that religion and god believe and worship is POINTLESS.

But, we do know that shit happens that we have no control over and for many people making up reasons for things makes them feel superior, or more secure as if they have some kind of control over things when they don't.

tina said...

Well, the responses I have heard when a religious loved one has died is, "they are in a better place". Just how do they know that? I heard that there is only a certain amount of people that will be with god when they die...everyone so far that I have come across that is religious thinks they will be one of them. *eyes rolling*