Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Fox News Attacks “Godless” Free Thought Radio

Lauren Green and others at Faux News have gone into their persecution mode about “godless” Air America’s FreeThought Radio and claim that the radio station is starting a “war on religion.” Theists just can’t stand even the idea atheists having even a one-hour, once-a-week radio program (or billboards!). They have to keep stating how small the number of atheists are in comparison to theists. If we aren't a threat, then why all the defensiveness? Because there will be "irreverence", and there will be discussion about how we don't need religious beliefs to live moral, productive and respectable lives.


Spanish Inquisitor said...

As usual, that was just dumb. Faux has no idea how to report a story like this. It tells its audience that no matter what happens, no one's opinions will change, and the last guy says he's not even going to listen. Now that was fair and balanced, wasn't it?

Did you notice how for the first minute or so they made it seem like Al Franken was the host of the atheist show? They wait until most Fox viewers have stopped listening or tuned out, then say, Oh, Al's not with the station any more, which is ambivalent anyway. He could still be doing the show as far as the viewers of Friggin Fox would know.

You want to bet that now a whole hell of a lot of potential voters in Minnesota think he's an atheist doing an atheist radio show?

Stardust said...

Now that was fair and balanced, wasn't it?

The tones of their voice, the snide comments, the way they trivialized atheism and the new program was typical of Faux news.

Did you notice how for the first minute or so they made it seem like Al Franken was the host of the atheist show?

Yep...I caught that. That was also typically unprofessional of them with the way they try to make up their own supporting facts and evidence as they go along...just like god believers do when defending their religions.

These people are idiots. I don't watch television news of any kind, and only found this via the American Atheist website which I check regularly. Television news, as well as much of what is on the radio is just "newsertainment". It's up to us to sort it out.

It was very "open-minded" of the one asshat who said at the end that he won't even be listening to the program. For all he knows, he might agree with many things the atheists have to say. (Then again, if he had that kind of attitude already, he clearly has nothing in common with freethinkers.)

Tommy said...

Fox is notorious for shit like that.

Another tactic of there's is when a Republican elected official is in some kind of scandal, when they have his name up in the graphics bar at the bottom of the screen, sometimes they "accidentally" put a (D) instead of an (R) next to his name.

I work in the same building as Fox News in NYC, so I see a lot of those assholes quite frequently. Seen Shepard Smith several times, Bill O'Reilly once, and some of the ones whose faces I recognize but whose names I don't recall.

Actually, I will soon be taking a picture of what I have to look up at when I am standing by the elevator bays waiting to go up to my office. I guarantee you, it is not a pretty sight.

tina said...

You could tell by the tone of their voices that they were very biased. I kept reading the thing at the bottom, not the ticker, they kept showing that the radio show had filed for bankruptcy and they lost money. I wish I'd never even watched it. :(