Thursday, October 25, 2007

Rachel Maddow’s Campaign Asylum: Values Voter Debate

An annoying new phrase is being used all over the media and is becoming part of America’s political lexicon. Every time I hear “values voters” uttered, it pisses me off. It’s a phrase invented and used by arrogant social conservatives, and carelessly by the media to denote such conservatives. This can be particularly insulting to everyone else because it implies that only social conservatives vote to advance their “values” (which most often include bigotry and greed) and everyone else who votes does so without even having values, or at least not “good” values.

Air America’s “Rachel Maddow breaks down the lowlights from the 2008 Presidential Campaign right-wingnuttery.

“Where can you hear the Republican candidates weigh in on important issues such as….”Transvestite Teachers”? Where can you hear a reworked anti-patriotic anthem called “Why Should God Bless America”? Where can you finally catch a glimpse of the right’s elusive dark horse candidate John Cox? Why, the Values Voter Debate, of course”

Rachel Maddow’s Campaign Asylum

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