Sunday, July 20, 2008

Another not-so-intelligent design

Go ahead Xians, tell me this is because of all the evil humans have caused and brought upon these poor little critters. So much for your god taking care of the birds of the air and all.
LINK: Conjoined barn swallows cause stir in Arkansas
"Two baby conjoined barn swallows rest after a fall from their nest Thursday morning, July 17, 2008 in Searcy, Ark. The rare bird discovery was made by a White County resident in her front yard on Thursday. The unusual duo is already sparking the interest of national museums."
(AP Photo/Daily Citizen, Samuel Peebles)


Tommy said...

Don't you know this is a trick by Satan to turn us against the Baby Jesus!?

Stardust said...

oh yeah, forgetful of me.