Thursday, July 31, 2008

Priest steals church funds to feed gambling habit

This story is not unique and surely happens quite frequently since priests, pastors, rabbis, deacons, elders and other church leaders are only human.

LINK: Pastor Accused Of Using Church Funds To Gamble

ROSELLE, Ill. (CBS) ― A pastor in Roselle is accused of stealing thousands of dollars in church funds to feed his gambling habit. CBS 2’s Suzanne Le Mignot reports.

Lou Vicari has been a parishioner at St. Walter Catholic Church for almost two decades.

“You feel, ‘what the heck!’ If you can’t trust a priest, who can you trust?” Vicari said.

Ummm…trust a priest? :lol: Unless you know a person as a close friend, you don't really know who they are, yet millions of people put clergy who they only see for an hour once a week (if that) in such high esteem and adoration for merely holding the title of "pastor" or "Father".

And it seems that no matter what the clergy does in any religion, the sheeple will still cling to their man-made beliefs and practices which are led by human beings just like themselves and one never knows who is good, who is bad, who is sane, who is insane, who is a pervert and who is not. And praying about it does squat. No God comes to protect the believers.

When a church comes under scrutiny or one of their leaders is accused of wrong-doing and found guilty of even the most heinous crimes, they always say the same thing as this parishioner said:

“It truly is a test of our Catholic faith, in terms of moving forward, forgiving for one who has potentially offended us and carrying on,” :roll:


Anonymous said...

OK, when I hear something like this and I hear the believers say that they were shocked and .. yada yada yada .... it really makes me wonder. Even in my deluded xtian days, I remember passages that said something about not trusting false prophets and the admonition (which seems to be forgotten nowadays) of looking into your leader's actions and not his/her words or promises.

Stardust said...

I never understood people bowing down and practically worshiping the priests and pastors just because they don fancy robes and give themselves a title. They are just people with the same problems, weaknesses, etc as everyone else. That's why sitting in a church for an hour or more a week is such a waste of time. If you want to find peace and connect with your god or whatever, nature is the best place. "Communion" with nature is the most calming thing to do.

Stardust said...

But I should add that if one goes off by himself or herself to commune with nature they might just THINK for themselves and realize their are no supernatural beings. That is what happened to me. Get away from the brainwashing centers and people see things a whole different way whether they still want to believe in a higher power or not. There is no peace to be found in church buildings.