Thursday, July 03, 2008

What is Patriotism to you?

Barack Obama and John McCain have shared their thoughts on patriotism:

* Barack Obama: Faith In One Another As Americans
* John McCain: Putting The Country First

Many liberals are labeled unpatriotic or told that we “hate America” because we are against the war in Iraq, or if we point out serious flaws in our government that need to be corrected. I thought this would be a good time to state just what patriotism means to each of us or what our vision of patriotism happens to be.

Happy 4th everyone!


jhbowden said...

Progressives are labeled unpatriotic when they call America a greedy imperialist bully.

Anybody can and should point out flaws. Progressives however hate America for its virtues and not its vices. Don't believe me? Matthew Rothschild at The Progressive explains Why I'm not Patriotic. He's pissed because America does a lot of heavy lifting with its military to ensure the globe's future for freedom. He also hates free enterprise.

Anonymous said...

I'm proud to be a progressive then, if I can piss off someone like Jason! lol

Seriously, only someone that ignores the bad things and blindly believes a country or a leader is great pisses me off. Thats called blind faith or blind trust, and for me that just plain reeks.

Oh sure, as Americans we are blessed with freedoms that many other countries don't have. But if we don't strive to KEEP our freedoms by recognizing when some particular leader is trashing the constitution and by impeaching said leader will we continue to have a free America.

Like Stardust says, many Americans have been labeled traitors just because they disagreed with the Iraq war.

I think its important to look back at what America has done in the past and now in the present in other countries clandestinely to supposedly protect "our interests", which includes supporting dictatorshps like Saddam Hussein (do you remember that, Jason? We supported the fucker even when we knew he was a bad apple - with chemical weapons even - just because he was the enemy of our enemy back then - Iran) Other glaring attempts at supposedly helping other countries include financing and helping the overthrow of a democratically elected leader in Iran and placing the Shah of Iran because he was supposedly going to help us.

And the list goes on. If we'd kept our big fat noses out of other countries affairs, most likely we wouldn't be hated so much right now. So yeah, no wonder why we look like imperialistic bullies.

Go ahead and call me whatever you want, Jason.

tina FCD said...

Hi Greg, good comment. Wasn't sure if I had visited your site or not before. :)

Tommykey said...

For me, being patriotic is loving America for the best ideals it represents and trying to promote and defend those ideals so that all Americans can have the blessings of freedom.