Saturday, July 26, 2008

Media adores Obama

When is the media going to start asking him questions?


Jason H. Bowden said...


Stardust said...

Obama is a plagiariser, and says nothing that hasn't been said before by great leaders. He hasn't said anything genuine yet and no one is calling him on it. He should be held up to the same media scrutiny as any other politician. I don't get people worshipping him and supporting him unquestioningly. That has always proved to be dangerous. The way he has mesmerized the political left, and now as well as many on the right, is rather disturbing to me.

Jason H. Bowden said...

Obama's bubble is eventually going to pop, if not before the election, then definitely after. Once our heavenly Messiah leaves his divine abode and enters our worldly terrestrial realm, he'll have to make decisions like every other leader that intrinsically cannot make everyone happy. The idealists living in an illusory other-world (Utopia literally means "no place") will predictably become "disillusioned."

But who wants to be "illusioned" in the first place?

Stardust said...

^^ and when people become disillusioned, or pissed because they have been lied to (either the right he has wooed, or left he might be fooling). . . it is going to be greatly damaging to the Democratic party so much so that it may take decades to recover. (for which you will rejoice, JHB, right?)

Tommy said...

How dare you insinuate that Barack Obama is anything less than perfect? He is going to be the best president we ever had and he will solve all of our problems. His likeness will be carved onto Mount Rushmore and his face will be put on a $2,000 bill!

Anonymous said...

lol funny cartoons.

I still gotta say that compared to Dubya and Dubya light (aka McSame) the "Messiah" is looking mighty fine.

I'm not at all sure where all the media is loving Obama. Faux news is always dissing him, but then again - what do you want from Faux?

And you do remember when they questioned him for - OMG!! shocking!! - not wearing a friggin American flag pin!!!

Although I still prefer Obama over McSame anyday, I gotta admit that this friggin political circus is getting mighty old. Can't wait till we kick out president dimwit!