Saturday, July 12, 2008

Leaning right? Or playing politics as usual?

Either way, that ain't change . . . except for changing his mind.


Jason H. Bowden said...

At the end of June, McCain had 27mill in the bank, and the RNC had 68mill. Obama the Most Merciful and Holy ended May with 43mill in the bank, and the DNC had 4mill. BHO also turned down 84mill in public financing.

Obama (peace be upon him) also is blowing money in states where he has a low probability of victory. He's not the most analytical person in the world, and evidently has no financial sense.

Perhaps Obama was expecting to raise $50mill a month, but all of his fainting groupies must have maxed their contributions to the legal limit. As a result, Obama is trying to suck up to people like me. Ha!

Perhaps Grandpa will defeat the Messiah after all.

Greg said...

Love that first one about the "Messiah" leaning right! I've gotta use that on the blog. lol

We've had a repug in office for 8 years, dear Jason, and look what it did to us. Maybe I've been converted, cause I'm still for the Messiah!

Jason H. Bowden said...

"look what it did to us"

Can you be more explicit? America is in great shape by any empirical standard.

For example, unemployment was an average of 5.2% during the Clinton administration, which is supposed to be the best economy ever; unemployment is 5.5% right now. We're in the middle of a mental recession caused by the drive-by media; if Democrats control all three branches the TV will start telling us how wonderful everything is. They did this before-- we had economic growth in the fall of 1992, yet the liberal media convinced everyone we were in the worst shape since the 1930s, and it was Bush's fault.

Greg said...

You obviously don't watch the news much, do you Jason. Highest inflation rate since 15 years. A pitiful demonstration of terrible planning and rescuing of the New Orleans disaster (which still goes on for cripes sake!)
A war that we should NEVER have gotten into since they had nothing to do with 9/11. More than 4,000 men and women have died for this bull-shit war, when we should have stayed in Afghanistan and got the job done. Now we are in danger of losing Afghanistan to Taliban who supposedly helped Osama. And by the way, we still haven't caught the son of a bitch.

Now they are trying to sell us in a war with Iran. Telling us the same bull-shit that they told us about Iraq, and they wonder why people like me aren't falling for it. Our military forces are strung out all over the damn place because of President Idget's policies, which your grandpa seems to heartedly agree with by the way. And what kind of "empire" will we be if we continually do stupid shit that increases other country's citizens hatred towards us?

If you think 8 years of this is a good thing, lol - cripes! - then clearly trying to talk to you is a waste of time.