Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Godless jeans making a hit in Sweden

Swedish Designer Bjorn Atldax, who claims to be a devout anti-Christian, created the logo on Cheap Monday jeans with the intention of making Christians angry. (The logo is a skull with an upside-down cross.)

LINK:Swedish Designer Makes Waves With Satanic Jeans

He also plans to come up with an anti-Hindu logo as well as other religions, except for Islam because he says there are already enough anti-Islamic sentiments. I think he is just afraid of the outrage and potential for violence from the Muslims in Europe and elsewhere.

On one hand, this might not be such a good thing to intentionally anger the religious. One might say that we are angered all the time with religion shoved in our face at every turn. But when Christians put their symbols out there, it really isn't to anger anyone. It's just to try to win more converts to their religion. If we want to make people stop and question their beliefs, is this really the way to go about it? Then again, just wearing the atheist red A, or the American Atheist atomic symbol would be enough to anger most god believers.

What are your opinions about being this antagonistic toward Christians and other varieties of god believers?


Cole said...

Hey Stardust, this is off topic so you might want to delete this when you're done but I found a place called all where people who write poems get together and share and have contests with their poems. I've won two awards so far.

Words That I Can See (Bronz Trophy)
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I just wanted to share that with you. Anyway :)

Stardust said...

Hey that's really great, Cole! Keep it up and you will be a published poet!

Baconeater said...

It isn't fair. I can't wear those jeans because I will be associated as a Jew who looks down on Christianity, rather than an atheist who mocks any and all religions.