Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Mind hacking

It’s not enough for the government to want to tap our phone lines to hear our conversations. Now they are working on a way to try to read our minds (disguised as good intentions to help soldiers, stroke victims, etc.) :

LINK: Guess what? Military funds mind-reading science

LOS ANGELES - Here’s a mind-bending idea: The U.S. military is paying scientists to study ways to read people’s thoughts. The hope is that the research could someday lead to a gadget capable of translating the thoughts of soldiers who suffered brain injuries in combat or even stroke patients in hospitals.

But the research also raises concerns that such mind-reading technology could be used to interrogate the enemy.

Or whoever they deem as a “potential threat” to use this on, I am sure.

Armed with a $4 million grant from the Army, scientists are studying brain signals to try to decipher what a person is thinking and to whom the person wants to direct the message.

A waste of our tax dollars? Or valuable research for the future?

The scientists use brain wave-reading technology known as electroencephalography, or EEG, which measures the brain’s electrical activity through electrodes placed on the scalp.

It works like this: Volunteers wear an electrode cap and are asked to think of a word chosen by the researchers, who then analyze the brain activity.

In the future, scientists hope to develop thought-recognition software that would allow a computer to speak or type out a person’s thought.

“To have a person think in a free manner and then figure out what that is, we’re years away from that,” said lead researcher Michael D’Zmura, who heads UC Irvine’s cognitive sciences department.

I think it’s gonna be a long, long time and is a big waste of time and money.


Tommy said...

When I worked on the clerk's office for the federal district court in New York, there was this pro se plaintiff named Norman Rabin who was suing the United States government because he believed the government was using satellites to control his brain.

Who knows, maybe he was right? :-)

Darwin's Dagger said...

$4 million seems like an awfully small amount of money to fund such a complex project. My guess is they'll just put John Edwards (the talk-to-the-dead psychic) in a box and have him do cold readings of people and say that they have developed mind reading tech.