Sunday, August 24, 2008

Richard Dawkins on purpose, design, and teleology

Humans have an obsession with the belief that we must have to have a purpose and reason for everything. Life doesn't have meaning or purpose except what a person brings to it. As the quote in my profile says, life is without meaning, the meaning of life is what we ascribe it to be. Here is Dawkins talking about the illusion of purpose:


Tommy said...

That guy Jackson I was debating with over on that thread at Atheist Revolution should listen to this (not that it would make much difference!)

He kept invoking "Intelligent Human Design!", in other words, because we have language, literature, computers, et cetera, that it could not have come about by chance.

Of course, if someone or something did "design" us in order to create these things, this designer did so in such a way that it took tens of thousands of years of dwelling in a primitive hunter gatherer state before getting to the point where our ancestors started drawing on cave walls about 40,000 years ago. And then it was another 35,000 years after that before writing appears in the historical record. Gee, what more proof do you need that Christianity must be true?

Tommy said...

BTW, I have a new post up that I think is right up your alley!