Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Illustration of stupid on YouTube

Thanks to the Rational Reponse Squad for providing the link to one of the biggest Christian doofuses on YouTube. (Atheists make him sick, btw.) I did some digging around to make sure this wasn’t a parody, and most of whom I read are taking his stupidity as legitimate ignorance. He lacks even the most basic science education and is one of the most ignorant people I have run across in awhile. Just read the comment section of his YouTube video:


Jason H. Bowden said...

Stonedcommander is wrong about the shape of the Earth. Technically, it is not spherical-- as Newton was the first to conjecture, it is an oblate ellipsoid. In other words, it is flatter around the poles. Because any unit of mass on the Earth's surface moves in a circular path, it experiences a centripetal acceleration toward the axis of rotation. This type of distortion was verified empirically from measurements by French expeditions to various locations around the globe way back in the 1730s.

Of course, if the Earth wasn't spinning, it would have a spherical shape. That's because gravitation acts as an inverse square law, which again, goes back to Newton. This cannot be a sinister conspiracy against religion, given Newton was quite a religious man, spending more of his time dealing with the occult than he did with earthly matters. Once we grant the empirical-logical basis of physics, then we must accept that the universe is very big and literally billions of years old, which at minimum makes evolution superficially plausible, something that cannot be dismissed out of hand by pointing out species diversity.

Of course, just because stonedcommander is wrong about science doesn't mean that atheists are informed and courteous. Most people from time to time can be stupid assholes, and atheists are no exception.

Stardust said...

True, that there are stupid atheists as well as stupid Christians...this guy is an example of one of the stupidest of god botherers. The information he is "disputing" can be found easily on the internet, as is the explanation you so nicely gave. My guess is if you posted that at Mr Dimwit's YouTube posting he would not understand a word of it, nor would he try.

Tommy said...

The ones who really make my eyes roll are the ones who claim that evolution means that fish gave birth to dogs and such, like that commenter Thomas on Vjack's blog.

I explained to him, which I notice he didn't acknowledge, is that no one who accepts evolution claims any such thing. Fish did not beget dogs. Go back far enough in time, and you get a population of creatures that can live on both land and water, and at some point the population split into land dwelling and water dwelling.

Most people from time to time can be stupid assholes, and atheists are no exception.

Nor are neocons! ;-)

Stardust said...

Tommy, I have head the "fish to dogs" comments, too. And I have been reading your debating with Thomas. He isn't reading anything you write.