Thursday, August 07, 2008

WV fundie says atheists should be thankful we aren't killed

IntheImageofDNA posted this in the comment section of a post at another site saying that this is “the latest ignorant, hateful, fatuous fucktardery displayed” in the Beckley, West Virginia Register Herald.

Our Readers Speak — Thursday, Aug. 7, 2008

A message for those who don’t believe

This is to all the atheists out there, you know who you are and so does God. First of all, be thankful you live in the U.S.A. or you could be killed for your beliefs.

It says in the Bible that the Jews are God’s chosen people and He will bless those who bless them. Do you think America is a “super power country” because we are all so moral and good to each other? No. It is because we have been Israel’s allies since Day One. God has blessed this country because of this.

If you think we have problems now, i.e. high gas prices, the economy, the housing crisis, think what may happen if we turn our back on Israel and God.

The presidential candidates need to keep this in mind when they campaign and ultimately become president. Barack Obama is on record saying he would welcome peace talks with the Mid-East. Who can reason with Hamas or Hezbollah when they kill innocent people in the name of “Allah”?

May God continue to bless this country and to those who don’t believe in God — may God help you.

Vickie Donell

Mount Hope

In some places of our “modernized” country, time stands still.

And then I found this intolerant crap in several places while looking for an image to put with this post (click on image to enlarge):

And these people never stop to consider that you cannot force someone to believe something that they cannot. AND most importantly, they fail to realize that this country was founded on religious freedoms and that includes the freedom to choose to worship or not, to believe or not. Apparently there are places in this country were students are not paying attention in U.S. Government class, or they are being taught a warped version of it.


CyberKitten said...

Amazing that things like that even make it into print....

Anonymous said...

Ahhhh yes, that really shows the kindness and lovingness of xtians when they say we should be thankful we are not killed because we don't believe in their imaginary cloud-being.

Maybe us agnostics and atheists SHOULD move into a deserted island or area and create our own country after all. But we had better arm ourselves cause I'm sure our country would be attacked sooner or later....