Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Another one that'll piss you off

This is what theists always do, they manipulate things to make it seem as if they are somehow coming out a “winner” in the eyes of other theists everywhere. Now some dipshit is claiming that the atheist bus campaign actually “served God’s cause”.

LINK: Atheist ad campaign backfired, papal preacher says

It’s what they do…manipulate reality and LIE.

A CAMPAIGN promoting atheism on London buses this year ultimately “served God’s cause” by reminding people of the importance of faith, especially to those who suffer, a top papal preacher says.

Buses bearing the slogan “There’s probably no God. Now enjoy your life!” hit the streets of London in January and the atheist publicity stunt was replicated in other cities, attracting widespread media coverage.

“We should almost thank the people who promoted that advertising campaign. It has served God’s cause more than so many of our apologetic arguments,” said Father Raniero Cantalamessa, who is officially Preacher of the Papal Household.

“It has demonstrated the poverty of their reasons and has helped stir so many sleeping consciences,” he added

Fr Cantanlamessa was preaching in St Peter’s Basilica in the presence of Pope Benedict on Good Friday, in one of the main services ahead of Easter, climax of the Christian year.

“Stirred so many sleeping consciences”? He fails to report how many of those “sleeping consciences” woke up to reason and how many atheists were glad to see someone finally advertising a counterpoint to the superstitious beliefs that we find absurd.


Andrea said...

I wonder what cause was served when the actions of so many child-raping priests were brought to light.

Stardust said...

Andrea, good point. But my bet is that they will just create another made-up reason to justify all that.