Monday, April 13, 2009

A brand new clown car!

Yep, the baby-making tradition of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar is continuing on with their young 20-year-old daughter-in-law and 21-year-old son, Josh who are now expecting their first child. Like father like son as the saying goes! When asked if they are going to have a large family Josh said “We have committed leaving that area up to God as far as our family size”. (That's why most quiverfull folks end up having a herd of kids.)

(LINK)Another article states that the young couple's courtship was constantly supervised and they didn't even kiss till their wedding day. Eeeeghads!

LINK: Another Duggar on the way

SPRINGDALE, Ark. – Josh and Anna Duggar are following in the family tradition. Josh, the eldest of Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar’s 18 kids, announced Monday that he and new bride Anna were about to start their own brood. The couple, who’s been married since September, said Anna Duggar is due Oct. 18.


Andrea said...

Speaking of, have you seen this:

I know a family like this. I'm so glad that I never got that deep into that subservient thinking. Can you even imagine the stress such a life would create (for a normal person anyway)?

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Stardust said...

Andrea, just went to your link. I wonder how many of these quiverful folks there are in the world, popping out babies when so many are in need of adoption, especially in other lands where they will die without help.