Sunday, April 19, 2009

Flying Spagetti Monster sighted by NASA!

But as we know, there is a scientific explanation for everything, whether we know it right away or not yet.

LINK: Galactic 'spaghetti monster' powered by magnetic fields

Long-lived magnetic fields are sustaining a mammoth network of spaghetti-like gas filaments around a black hole, a new study suggests. Previously, it was not clear what prevented the delicate filaments from being destroyed by competing gravitational forces.

The black hole lies at the heart of a large galaxy known as NGC 1275, which itself lies near the centre of a cluster of galaxies called Perseus.

As the black hole sucks in gas from its surroundings, it powers jets of matter that produce bubbles of energetic particles in the surrounding cluster gas. As these bubbles grow and rise, cooled gas from NGC 1275's core gets drawn into long tendrils in their wake, like the strings that trail behind balloons.



tina FCD said...

I KNEW he was real!! I just knew it!

Stardust said...

This is awesome, isn't it? LOL! It's hilarious to read some of the god believer comments at the Church of the FSM site where they think that we believe that the FSM is real. Too damn funny. They haven't got a clue what satire is.