Monday, April 20, 2009

Christian Persecution Complex Propaganda

This video is such unbelievable bullshit it's not even funny. While the video is right about the schools forcing children to be tolerant of homosexuals and all people in order to get along together in this world, they are in no way persecuting Christians when they request simply that students have respect for others who are different from themselves.

At one point in the video, a teacher tosses a child's Bible into the trash and I am sure that might happen in rare circumstances, but I am sure it is not what most teachers would do. That does not fall into the respect or tolerance that schools are trying to maintain in order to teach children in the classroom. Christians are so dramatic with their imagined persecution scenarios!

The video says:

“A closet is by no means a suitable place to live, but to abandon it only to force people of faith into it is not tolerance. In an age where good is called evil and evil good, concerned parents must inoculate their children from the cultural engineering of the Secular Humanists.”

This is such bullshit. No one is forcing people of faith into a closet by coming out of their own. If they can't have their way 100% they start bellyaching and boo-hooing that they are being persecuted. Just because schools must provide a secular education independent of religious and supernatural claims does not mean that they are trying to "take their Jesus away" or any other religion. That is what churches, mosques and synagogues are for and our country is loaded with mythology temples of all sorts. So the boo-hooing about people of faith being "forced into a closet" simply by others being allowed to come out of theirs' is utterly ridiculous.

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