Friday, April 24, 2009

The Devil and Bishop Finn

Bishop Robert W. Finn is “waging spiritual war” in order to enforce the “spiritual laws” of his imaginary friend. As usual, God cannot enforce his own laws and when he doesn’t show up, some of his followers take it upon themselves to defend him. Funny how a great and all-powerful being has to constantly rely on mere humans to fight his battles for him.

Bishop Finn speaks as if we are in some great cosmic video game, “The Church Militant” vs the “agents of Satan.” (Can we market this and make some money? Oh wait, that’s already been done.)

The Devil And Bishop Finn: Catholic Prelate Wages Spiritual War To Enforce God’s Law

Using highly intemperate language, the Kansas City, Mo., prelate said the “Church Militant” is “engaged in a constant warfare with Satan” and “human enemies,” people who are “deceived by Satan’s distortions and lies.”

Finn identified among these human enemies those “who wish to establish a path of living that contravenes God’s law: promoting abortion; unnatural substitutes for marriage, and all such distortions of true freedom.”

I agree with AU’s Joseph L Conn when he says :

Debate on these topics is understandably vigorous and often contentious. But when a leader of one faith tradition begins to dismiss those who disagree (including apparently the president of the United States) as pawns of Satan, democratic dialogue breaks down. When that religious leader characterizes those who differ with him about a political matter as “human enemies,” the bonds of civil society are stretched to the breaking point.

At its heart, Bishop Finn is bent on undermining freedom of conscience. If he succeeds in imposing his version of God’s law through legislation, the separation of church and state is clearly jeopardized.

It’s why we have website like this, we must keep ever vigilant.

Take a look at the comment section at the Catholic Key blog and see how many people actually agree with Finn, and all based on their sect's version of religious conviction.


tina FCD said...

"Funny how a great and all-powerful being has to constantly rely on mere humans to fight his battles for him."

I love that!Can I steal it?

distortions, he says...hmmm...Better check his own brain and the way he thinks.

Stardust said...

Yes, you can use it, in fact I know that a lot of atheists already have thought about this and said it themselves or to annoying proseltyzing Christians who come around to tell us we are going to burn in eternal flames.

This guy is way too far gone to analyze anything in his own pea brainwashed mind. He is enslaved to a mere myth.