Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Creepy Catholics!

I can’t imagine growing up Catholic, much less growing up in a Catholic parish that displayed and worshiped a dead body!

In today’s news there is a little battle going on in Rome concerning the plans to dig up long-dead Padre Pio to put on display for all the “faithful” to wish on like some gory magic troll doll. According to the Yahoo news story, “Padre Pio’s popularity is hard to overestimate. A Catholic magazine once found far more Italian Catholics pray to him than any other icon of the faith, including the Virgin Mary or Jesus.”

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Plan to exhume Italian saint draws protest

Here is a clip I found on YouTube. I knew about “Incorrupt Bodies of the Saints” but had no idea there are so many of them. And most don’t look very “incorrupt” to me. Most are obviously ROTTED. Just bury them and make a statue to wish on if you must. But displaying a dead person in a glass case and making wishes on him/her is insane as you can get.

Macabre and morbid!


tina said...

Whoa! I have never heard of this, do I live in a box or what! That is morbid to say the least. I especially was aghast at Dominic Savio! Freakin' creepy!

Stardust said...

tina, that was the creepiest one for me, too! A little boy! I can't imagine what it must be like to grow up having to look at this stuff. Tommy wrote about a priest (I think it was) who slept with a saint's preserved heart in his bedroom. yuck!

I don't like our funeral customs, either. They take the person and basically taxidermy them into a fake-looking effigy of what they once were. My husband and I wish to be cremated when we die, and NO VIEWING. I don't want to be stuffed and put on display. It's one of our most morbid customs, IMO.