Tuesday, January 01, 2008

De-evolution of science education


Spirula said...

Hmmm. Looks like my home state. Floriduh.

You know, all these antics by the cretinists on our school boards here demonstrate one thing I believe to be true...the human brain is a very thin and easily fractured veneer laid atop the primate brain, and it is also easily subordinated by the primate brain. For example, in these school board "hearings" the participants actions rapidly devolve into screeching, snarling, bulging eyes, and red faces.

Fecal throwing would probably ensue were it not for the lack of immediate availability.

Spirula said...

Oh, by the way, do you think I should bother reading this Xmas present?


Andrea said...

I just looked at that link and holy shit, that's an embarrassing book.

Stardust said...

spirula, LOL...quote from the author of 2007 "I am an average American housewife and mother who loves God and have devoted my life to being a voice and vessel for God to use to speak to this world."

Why does this god always choose idiots to speak for him?

Stardust said...

When our kids were in school, before they left at high school age for alternative education, we had many encounters with the "apes" that make up the school board. They are a bunch of cretins as it is, but an creationist cretin is impossible to even try to reason with.