Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Skeptic Bible Study: Jesus Loves Slavery

Thanks to Bernarda for pointing to this video by JohnLArmstrong

Like John says, if you show this to a Christian, their common response is "that was the Old Testament, Jesus changed things with the New Testament". John does a good job of showing how Jesus condoned the practice of slavery, using the New Testament. And this is what people like Huckabee want to use as the "bedrock" of our society and to revise the Constitution to incorporate in the year 2008.


Greg said...

I'm starting (just starting mind you) to have hope for this country. Seems after Huckaboo said that about the constitution, his numbers have been going down.
Still hoping and praying (lol) that he gives up soon.

Stardust said...

Hi greg, let's hope that Huckleberry keeps fading away. It also gives me a wee bit of hope that the country isn't as crazy as I thought it was.