Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Tornados in January

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"Grandma a tornado is coming, what are we going to do?!"

"Don't worry dear, if we just sit here and pray, God will protect us from harm."

The new year has just begun and the midwest has already been hit with several devastating tornados. When tornados and other natural disasters happen and wipe out whole neighborhoods, it's irritating how some people think they are specially saved by an imaginary friend while many of their other god believing neighbors homes are destroyed. Do they really believe a god is sitting on a cloud somewhere and is controlling wild storms, diseases, wars, etc and protecting or not protecting the lives of billions of people, on all sides of the planet . . . in addition to taking care of the entire universe. It makes it seem as if this supernatural friend is up there playing some sort of cosmic video game.

It's 2008 and so many still have such dark age thinking. It's taking humans a long time to evolve.


Tommy said...

Notice how these natural disasters only occur in places where they normally occur? For example, there's never a volcanic eruption in New England. There is never a tropical storm in Saudi Arabia's desert wasteland known as the Rhub-al-khali, or Empty Quarter. There are never snow and ice storms in Indonesia. Since the God of the Bible is supposedly not bound by natural laws, you would expect to see anomalies such as this. New Hampshire recently legalized gay marriage (or civil unions). Why hasn't God levelled their cities with an earthquake or a volcanic eruption?

Stardust said...

Ask a fundie that question and watch the wheels start turning as they create reasons for that in their own mind. God believers are excellent fiction writers.

Travis Morgan said...

Yup, we just had a tornado here in Illinois. It made applesauce out of our local apple orchard, and toothpicks out of the barns.

Stardust said...

hi travis, hopefully you and your family didn't experience any of that damage to your property. I am in the Chicago south suburbs, and our town has narrowly escaped tornadoes for the 21 years we have lived here. Some here say it is the "grace of god", I call it pure luck of living in a spot that has not taken a direct hit yet....but someday it's bound to happen. Winds and tornadoes scare the hell out of me.

tina said...

I think I'm pretty lucky so far too. I never understood the comments about god saved us! but their neighbor died. What ego!!